The Importance of Property Valuer Guidance

What is a Property Valuer? A Property Valuer or Appraiser is a recognized name in the world of real estate. It is offered as a high-class service for clients in various types of property valuation.  One of the many things they offer is expert,

Insulation Should Be Emphasized in Green Building, Says Ann M. Adley

Owner of Morgan Ramey Homes, Ann M. Adley of Lexington, Massachusetts, says strong insulation should be one of the priorities in constructing eco-friendly homes for the future. According to Ann, many builders don’t place enough emphasis on

Back to Nature: 3 Landscaping Tips to Make Home Buyers Take Notice

After much contemplation and weighing your options, it has been decided that it’s time to sell the house. Upon calling a real estate agent to discuss the details, you learn that the curb appeal of your home leaves passersby wanting.

5 Major Steps In Developing A House Plot

As with any development, there are a few steps that ensure that a house plot is fully developed. The development must be in line with the regulations as well as the surrounding landscape that the particular plot is located.

Daylite Mac & iOS App Review for Real Estate

Daylite is a Mac, iPhone & iPad app that facilitates all the aforementioned features with a lot more, while aiding real estate agents and brokers to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Common Commercial Real Estate Investing Strategies which is right for you

The residential and commercial real estate markets have recovered spectacularly since the dark days of the late 2000s. And technology is making it easier than ever to get a real estate loan.

6 Essentials for Every Restaurant’s Fire Safety Checklist

When you invite customers through your restaurant doors, you want them to experience great service whilst sampling tasty food. But, most customers are probably blissfully unaware that in just a matter of minutes, an open flame or tiny electrical spark could start a fire that quickly moves from the back to the front of house. […]

Selling Your Home? 4 Tips to Get the Best Prices

Selling a home is a big undertaking. You need to find the best real estate agent, make the necessary repairs and stage your home; the process involves lots of hard work. It might even be difficult to tell which part of selling a home is more important than the other.

3 Red Hot Real Estate Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

2017 is already shaping up to be huge for the real estate business. With home flipping already going mainstream in 2016, many developments are on the way that could completely reshape the real estate market

When Real Estate is Relative: Top Tips for Selling Your Home to a Family Member

If you are thinking about selling your home and are ready to start the search for a suitable buyer, that person might be closer to home than you first thought.

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