Are You Selling a Property Without Permits?


ARE YOU SELLING YOUR PROPERTY WHERE YOU HAVE: A mortgage helper, a Suite, unauthorized accommodation, renovations without permits, enclosed garage suites, enclosed balconies, opened up loft areas, etc… ALL WITHOUT PERMITS? It’s time to sell and you have a basement suite in your home. It is unauthorized; in other words no permits were obtained to […]

Are Real Estate Sales Undercounted?


Do real estate sale figures tell the whole story? In some cases a quarter of the market may be missing from widely-published sale reports.

Which Fridge is Right for You?


A quality refrigerator is a must-have for every homeowner. Your new fridge must last for years to come, and must be energy efficient. If you’re in the market for a new fridge, use the following factors to help you decide which one is right for you.

4 Sneaky Secrets to Raising Your Home Value

4 Sneaky Secrets to Raising Your Home Value

Home remodeling experts offer a bit of insight on how much it costs for the average home renovation and how to boost home equity. Some upgrades are more obvious than others. But, what’s the one sneaky and unexpected upgrade that can give you the most bang for your buck?

Home Staging: How to Make Your Appliances Appeal to Buyers

1-Stove Kitchen_SusanSerra

When you’re ready to sell your home, there is one room that can sway a buyer over all others: the kitchen. As a seller, your kitchen should be uncluttered and clean, and the biggest assets—your appliances—should take center stage.

Home-Buyer’s Guide For Indians: Avoid These 4 Emotional Slip-ups


It’s no wonder, first-time home buyers simply fall in love with the idea of owing a new home and get vulnerable to all sorts of appraisals and advice.

Booming San Francisco Commercial Real Estate Market Tops Manhattan


Manhattan is still renowned for its high office rents, but San Francisco has quickly taken the lead. According to Main Street, the city by the bay has actually topped Manhattan in terms of the priciest city in the country in the residential sector.

Houston Named as the Market to Watch in Commercial Real Estate Boom

Night Falls on Buffalo Bayou

According to a report recently released by the Urban Land Institute and Price Waterhouse Cooper, Houston leads the country in terms of markets to watch for the coming year.

Water Damage Lurks in Surprising Places


Most people assume that there isn’t a lot you can do about protecting your home from water damage, apart from sandbagging the yard when the river starts to rise.

Helping A Client Find the Perfect Office Space


Finding the perfect office space can be challenging for any business – and every business is looking for something different in a place to work