5 critical things every new homeowner should do


Every perfect home has a few unexpected expenses lying in wait, and discovering the flaws and blemishes early on can save you a world of problems years down the road.

The Benefits of Shopping for Mortgage Lenders


Shopping for just the right house is an enormous task, but most prospective home buyers realize that doing some research, engaging the help of a licensed real estate agent and having a clear idea of “wants” versus “must haves” goes a long way in successfully maneuvering the home-buying process. But when it comes to mortgage lenders, […]

Five trends to watch out for this summer


As we enter into the busiest time of the Real Estate market, it is time to explore some new Real Estate trends.

India’s Big Realty Flash Sale is here!


The Indian Realty Flash Sale that starts on 25th June will offer properties at a pre-negotiated rate of 3 to 15% less than the current market value.

Why build a custom home? The benefits you didn’t consider


When it comes to acquiring your home, the best way to get the home of your dreams is to build a custom home.

Top 4 Things Homeowners Look for in Lavish Homes

Jamaica --- Luxury Vacation Villa --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

There are certain qualifiers on the list to be considered a lavish home. Each category targets specific elements that make homes extraordinary.

Searching for a home in Comox Valley?


If you’re looking for a rural are to call home, Comox Bay in British Columbia, Canada, is just the ticket for you.

Flipping for real estate: Some top tips


If you’ve decided to dabble in the real estate flipping world, you may wonder how to get started. Flipping can be a very profitable enterprise – if you know how to do it right.

The Best Reasons to Invest in Beach Front Property

Enjoying Retirement The Best Reasons to Invest in Beach Front Property

Soft, silky sand between your toes, and the warm Atlantic ocean in close sight from your front porch. Who wouldn’t want to live that dream?

4 Powerful Federal Programs for Home Owners

Family with two children (3 and 9 years) standing in front of home.

Many Americans either dream of owning a home or are struggling with financially maintaining their current home. Luckily, the federal government offers excellent programs to help home owners.