Don’t Take It with You


Whenever you’re getting prepped for a major road trip, be it a long awaited move or a much needed vacation, odds are that you will quickly find that covering all the bases of packing your luggage can be one of the most consistent and head spinning challenges involved.

Considerations For Urban Farming At Home


If you’re one of those people playing with the idea of growing your own fresh organic fruits and vegetables at home, here are some things to consider when organizing your very own urban farm at home

4 Common Mistakes Every First-Time Home Buyer Makes (But You Won’t!)


Buying your first home can be extremely exciting and when you’re a first-time home buyer, it all seems pretty simple: find a house you love, buy it, and move in!

5 Green Home Improvement Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home is not only a way to increase your property’s overall value but it is also a way to reduce your household’s overall carbon footprint.

A Brief Overview on Real Estate Boom in North Texas


At this moment, North Texas is the most happening place of U.S in terms of real estate. A massive boom is hitting North Texas real estate market which in turn makes the real estate investors happy.

4 Things Property Owners Must Know Before Buying Insurance

4 Things Property Owners Must Know Before Buying Insurance

Property owners who seek to earn rental income from their homes and commercial buildings need protection against financial losses resulting from unexpected events.

Should Brokers Disclose Buyer Offers?


With Spring here and the real estate market coming back in many areas there’s the potential of a new and interesting problem for real estate professionals, how best to handle multiple offers.

5 Best Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents


There is no secret marketing formula that will make you an instant sensation. Instead, there are five areas that with focus, diligence, and a bit of ingenuity you can separate yourself from your competitors

How to Prepare Your New Home for a Lifetime of Use


With all of the excitement of moving into your new home, it is easy to overlook some of the important details you need to take care of in order to prepare your home for a lifetime of use.

You found your dream home but it’s tenant occupied. What next?

Stay out of real estate jail

When you are buying a property that is tenant occupied and you or your immediate family are going to occupy the space now used by tenants you can ask the seller/landlord to serve the official ‘Notice to End’ on your behalf.