Five Common Home Mishaps And How to Avoid Them


No matter where a person lives, the potential danger for home disasters will be a major concern for any responsible homeowner.

Overwhelmed with Buying a House? 4 Tactics to Keep You Grounded

Overwhelmed with Buying a House, 4 Tactics to Keep You Grounded

Here are four tactics to help you as a home-buyer through this challenging time in your journey.

4 Secrets to Getting the Best Deal on a Home

4 Secrets to Getting the Best Deal on a Home

Here are four of the most important secrets you need to know to ensure you can get the best deal possible when you purchase that new home.

Avoid the bubble by not being in it! 


The best shot you have is to organize yourself, build the right plan and attitude, and have the discipline to attack the mortgage head-on.

Selling Your House This Autumn? 3 Tips for Success


Are you thinking about selling your house but are hesitant to put it on the market since the peak selling season has already ended? Well, don’t despair.

Renting a business space and taking no chances

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Renting a place for your business is often a more sound solution than buying a real estate. It’s still a big decision and you don’t want to take any chances.

Investor Demand Grows for Net Leased QSR Property


Cap rates in the net lease quick service restaurant (QSR) sector reached 5.90% in the second quarter of 2015 for properties leased to franchisees. This represented a 35 basis point decline from the prior year.

Property Owners and Investors: 3 Ways to Plan for the Unexpected


The management of real estate is a gratifying and challenging venture. For renters not accountable for major repairs, this responsibility lies solely on the investor.

4 common mistakes to avoid when moving home

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Planning ahead is always the key to make the moving process as smooth as possible and reduce stress.

Buying an old home? Here’s a quick checklist


When looking for a house, we easily overlook some important things just because we like the location, the view, the paint or the overall looks of the house.