Why Most Renters Don’t Have Insurance and Why Insurance Companies Should Take Notice

According to the Insurance Information Institute, only 41% of renters own insurance, compared to 95% of homeowners (III). Why is there such a wide gap?

Selling your Home fast without spending a Fortune

When you think about selling your home, it’s only natural to think of the profit you will hopefully be making. This money can then be used as a down

What To Consider When Buying Your First Office

Your business is growing and developing and you are now looking to buy your first office to allow it to truly expand! However, before jumping into any decisions, you need to know

The Impact of the Tech Revolution on the Housing Market

For years it looked like the real estate market was one corner of the economy that could withstand the never-ending march of technology.

The Self-Build Checklist: 8 Steps to Build Your Dream Home

If you’re looking to build your own home, get ready for a busy few months or years. Self-building can be stressful, but it can also be rewarding.

Can Local SEO Boost Your Real Estate Site?

When maintaining a real-estate site, understanding how to gain traction in your local market can be difficult. Finding the right balance of keywords within

Why it Makes Sense to Compare Homeowner’s Insurance Rates

One of the types of insurance that you must be diligent about maintaining, is that which provides coverage for your residence. If you have a home mortgage loan, your lender absolutely demands that this coverage be in place. Indeed, there are mortgage loan agreements in which the premium is included in the monthly payment to […]

A New Emerging Concept in Hospitality Corporate Housing

In the twenty-first century of corporate business, many businesspersons are shifting their focus towards establishing such a housing facility for accommodation,

How to Start a Blog for Your Real Estate Business

Starting a blog is one of the most powerful tools that you can use as a real estate agent. It allows you to educate your audience and build a relationship with them that doesn’t involve selling. It’s also great way to showcase new listings and establish yourself as an authority and a genuine resource in […]

Add Curb Appeal with Fast Growing Trees

Increasingly, sellers are realizing that staging their homes and creating curb appeal will help them to sell it for a far higher price.

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