The History of the Multiple Listing Service, and the Future of American Real Estate

If you want to sell your property in the United States, currently there is only one service which is reliable: connecting with a real estate agency and putting your home on a multiple listing service.

Understanding the Home Sales Exclusion from Capital Gains Tax

For those of us who make our money house flipping, buying up residential properties and renovating them in order to increase their value and sell them off for a profit, it can be galling

BG Martin Schweitzer Helping Businesses with Innovative PR

If your business is online, you pretty well know that reputation management is an important thing for you. A few negative comments from unsatisfied customers,

Ammar Jali Showcases How To Leave a Legacy by Learning to Let Go of Good Employees

One such manager is Ammar Jali, a successful electrical engineer-turned hotshot entrepreneur, who owns 35 Domino’s Pizza joints all across Pennsylvania.

Trends In Modern Residency

Many fail to realize that when it comes to apartments, you can either choose to rent or to own. Whichever best suits your finances is the most advisable option.

Increase Your Real Estate Knowledge with These 5 Tips

They say knowledge is power. And any realtor who wants to become successful must be knowledgeable. Real estate is a dynamic industry that keeps on changing; hence, it is important to keep updating yourself.

Why You Legal Advice When Buying A Property

Buying property is probably the single most significant expense you’ll experience in your lifetime. As such, making the right decision in a market you know little or nothing about can be quite taxing. Plus, it also involves property law, which has its unique framework and statues you need to understand

5 Tips For Starting A Successful Commercial Real Estate Firm

Starting your own commercial real estate firm requires time, lots of work and training. While the laws will vary in each state, starting a realty firm is usually a process that can take about two years.

Selling Smart Homes? Tips for Realtors for Faster Sales

As more homeowners install smart devices in their homes, from smart thermostats to integrated entertainment systems, the number of smart homes on the market with these features

3 Solid Ways to Get a Mortgage Loan Approval

Truth be told. Owning a home is a beautiful thing. In fact, it’s the one biggest expenses you’re likely to experience in your lifetime. But before you get there, certain financial issues

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