4 Certified Home Inspection Coaching Hacks For Realtors

Most realtors who have worked with a certain client for a long period, ensuring all their needs and questions have been met, often dread the home inspection time

Best Places to Buy a Home in Florida and Why

Are you thinking about moving? And don’t know where? Relocation is something you should definitely consider twice before making any final calls. And for many reasons. Moving across the country for a job is very different than moving with your family. You will want to provide your children and your spouse with the best opportunities […]

Why your House Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It

Are you having trouble closing the sale of your home or bringing in tenants to a new apartment? It is very likely that you’ve overlooked a few factors. Luckily, we’re here with helpful tips you can use to maximize your profit and move on to the next big thing. Your Price Isn’t Right Don’t be […]

Pointers to Consider When Planning to Buy An Off Plan Property

When buying an off plan apartment, it is normal to be skeptical. It is not something that you can see or touch- all you have to trust is the blueprints given by your construction company. When looking for apartments in Melbourne for sale, you will get numerous offers of such properties, which are yet to […]

Patrick Mackaronis, Brabble Development Director, on *Star Tags and Social Media Use Among Real Estate Agents

First time buyers are using the internet in new ways to find their dream homes. Rather than going directly to real estate websites, they are using hashtags

How can self storage help you sell your home?

People choose to sell their homes for a number of reasons depending on their changing circumstances, financial position and personal growth.

Why Most Renters Don’t Have Insurance and Why Insurance Companies Should Take Notice

According to the Insurance Information Institute, only 41% of renters own insurance, compared to 95% of homeowners (III). Why is there such a wide gap?

Selling your Home fast without spending a Fortune

When you think about selling your home, it’s only natural to think of the profit you will hopefully be making. This money can then be used as a down

What To Consider When Buying Your First Office

Your business is growing and developing and you are now looking to buy your first office to allow it to truly expand! However, before jumping into any decisions, you need to know

The Impact of the Tech Revolution on the Housing Market

For years it looked like the real estate market was one corner of the economy that could withstand the never-ending march of technology.

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