Crete Villa Buy in Kokkino Chorio Village

A similar new villa construction

A new construction listing on Crete in Greece promises modernity plus breathtaking views of the White Moutains and Crete’s majestic beaches. For sale in Kokkino Chorio Apokoronas, a designer 2 story with 122 square meters living space, just may be your home in paradise, and at an attractive price.

Will Data Security Concerns Eradicate Convenient Commerce

data theft

For those of you who’ve had run-ins with unearned credit reporting problems a blog post at CreditReportProblems bears reading. According to that story a new bill may be passed shortly that leads to more accountability when things go awry, or when data breaches cause harm to the innocent.

Cable Vs. App Entertainment [infographic]

TV entertainment

In the category “stuff for the homeowner,” what could be more important for some than entertainment. More precisely, television and the inherent costs of whichever mode of broadcasting you choose.

Brendon Pack : Tips on Filing Tax Extensions for Agents

Real Estate Agents and Taxes : How to File an Extension April 15th is next Monday and it’s coming sooner than we all know it. If you are like a lot of real estate agents out there, there is a good chance that you may have to file an extension to get all of your […]

A Short Rant on Ecomomic Disaster: The State of Fair Play 2013

Land of plenty

Anyone reading this has to have been affected by the so called “Great Recession”, and most of you very negatively. Without going into history lessons or far reaching “what ifs” – suffice it to say when Wall Street crashed this time, your future was altered inextricably. Given all that, near continuous news of underhanded dealings prompts this little rant. Okay, it’s a big rant – but you don’t even want to go here.

Dream Villas: Luxury Real Estate to Let via IAVRA

Nearby the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore - Courtesy © puckillustrations -

For those interesting in amazing rental properties worldwide, we receive weekly updates of exclusive properties from the International Association of Villa Rental Agents (IAVRA). Today a new property added in Siena, Tuscany, Italy is something we thought some readers might be interested in. This gorgeous 6 bedroom villa is surrounded by exquisite Tuscan vineyards, and is possessed of it’s own brand of Italian charm any guest would revel in. Take a look at this fantastic villa rental.

Saudi Economic Forum Addresses Housing Urgency Issues

JEF 2013

News from the Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF), a key member of the organizing committee of the forum, Abdullah Sadiq Dahlan, warned attendees the housing situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a potential threatening crisis.

Saudi Real Estate Co. Eyeballing $1.3 Billion in Development

Al Akaria Residences

The CEO of Saudi Real Estate Co. (SRECO) told Bloomberg recently his firm is intent on building a housing development in Riyadh estimated to be worth $1.3 billion. According to reports from news outlets and the company, Saudi Real Estate is refocusing on middle-income buyers who can leverage a home shortage there.

Spain’s Bright Shining Hope; Amid the Worst Despair Ever Known

Deserted reminder of Spain's Great Loss - Courtesy

If where you live has been hit hard by the recessive economy, just think about people in Spain for a spell. People there are preparing for yet another recession as six million Spaniards sit out of work with not even a ray of hope in sight. Accordingly, the property market in Spain is absolutely saturated with supply, and little or no demand.

Russia Anti-corruption Head Scoffs at Property Non-disclosure Rumors

Russian President

Allegations of undisclosed property against the head of the Russian Parliament’s Anti-corruption committee were dismissed by Irina Yarovaya today according to Reuters.