Luxurious Europe Property Showcase

Norway manor kitchen

Financial experts keyed in on markets are suggesting a big quantitative surge in an already robust European property yield game. With win hungry investors searching for greater margins, the shift from bonds to old real estate is clearly the new trend.

Home builders let residents “try before they buy”


Several new programs are allowing buyers to try out a condo or resort home before agreeing to purchase it, The Wall Street Journal reports

Open Listings aims to do away with real estate agents

Open Listings 1

There’s a new startup in town that’s aiming to take the pressure of the home buying process by letting people cut out the middleman – or in other words, the real estate agent.

Analyst warns Trulia could lose 40% of its listings


ListHub’s announcement last week that it intended to stop supplying listings to Trulia set off warning bells in the investment community, with one analyst telling investors that Trulia could lose 40 percent of its listings.

Which city will be the next Silicon Valley?


With record-high prices in Silicon Valley, opportunities to profit from real estate are slim. There are, however, emerging Tech hubs with characteristics similar to Silicon Valley before its real estate boom

Real estate tech & tools to win new customers


This week I’ll share some of the new technology, websites and applications as well as some of the ways US agents are now using social media to communicate with clients.

Drones could soon have lift off in real estate


The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed long-awaited rules that could give small commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles systems – more commonly referred to as “drones” – a lift off.

How Come the Real Estate Brokerage Isn’t Dead Yet?


Here it is 2015 and the real estate brokerage is still around, but it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

Relationships & Real Estate


Relationship status may affect when and where buyers purchase a home and how much they spend on a home, according to a new infographic from the National Association of Realtors.

3 hi-tech solutions to real estate problems

Real estate tech

Close the door and have a seat. We’re going to talk about your problems. Well, not all your problems, or even most of them, just three real estate-related ones — and how these three nifty new solutions can help. Problem 1: You’re opening doors instead of closing escrow You have a fantastic property. You have […]