Now you can live in your very own White House

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in the White House, and stroll down the corridors of power each morning with a cup of coffee in hand? Image credit: Well, your chances of living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue remain pretty slim, but there are a couple of alternatives in […]

Real estate listings that tell it like it is

Rather than try to make an ugly home sound good, some real estate pros are taking a different approach in their listings by keeping it real and proudly advertising a home’s shortcomings in the hopes of standing out from the crowd.

Here’s how loan officers should work with real estate pros

Real estate agents and loan officers should help to scratch each other’s backs, so to speak. After all, real estate pros can’t sell a home without the help of a loan officer, and loan officers need people to buy homes if they’re to stay in a job.

Impress your clients with a neat and tidy real estate office

your office needs to impress prospective clients the very first time they walk through the door. Here’s a few tips on how to keep your real estate office spick and span.

How startups are changing Oakland’s real estate sector

The start-up arena itself is very volatile and difficult to predict and this can be multiplied tenfold for the technology start-up industry. Interesting times ahead for the Oakland real estate sector.

DR Horton benefits from focus on entry-level homes

Construction firm DR Horton is bucking the trend among property developers by focusing on building cheaper homes targeted at first time buyers, and the strategy seems to be working.

Former hospitals make way for luxury condos in NYC

What with so many hospitals in the US shutting down, developers are looking to renovate these vacant spaces and transform them into luxurious homes.

Web Design for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate Web design can be a powerful sales tool or, or vice versa scare away potential customers and create a negative image of the company.

6 tax deductible tips that’ll save you money on your next home purchase

Marian Schaffer, principal and founder of Southeast Discovery, which specializes in helping Baby Boomers with their real estate needs, recently shared some tips on how homeowners can negotiate their real estate tax deductions

Stay hydrated on the job with Seed, the smart water bottle

If you find yourself on the road all too often, it’s important to stay hydrated at least, and we think the new “smart water bottle” from Moikit might be just what the doctor ordered.