Negative equity holding back potential sellers


Existing-home sales are up nearly 5 percent from last year, but sales would be much higher if it wasn’t for the negative equity overhang, economists say.

How will 3D printing change the real estate landscape?


The impact of this technology on real estate was brought home in January with the world’s first 3D-printed apartment building in China. Over the next 10 years, experts say it’ll completely disrupt commercial real estate.

Kadre brothers launch real estate investing tech tool Cadre


Cadre, Kushner Brothers’ start-up company with Ryan Williams as Co-Founder and CEO, has been creating a lot of buzz online.

Consumers want affordable & tech-savvy agents


Consumers want their real estate agent to be tech-savvy and offer lower fees than their competitors, finds a new survey by the real estate brokerage Redfin of nearly 1,000 recent home buyers and sellers.

Considerations For Urban Farming At Home


If you’re one of those people playing with the idea of growing your own fresh organic fruits and vegetables at home, here are some things to consider when organizing your very own urban farm at home

New apps enhance the hunt for commercial real estate


Thanks to new kids on the block, such as Hightower and Floored, infusing life into the commercial real estate industry, perhaps some of the biggest names in the business will step into the 21st century

Builders reveal biggest concerns for housing in 2015


Homebuilding continues to lag behind pre-recession levels, even as the economy shows gains and buyer demand is high. Why are builders still so cautious?

4 Common Mistakes Every First-Time Home Buyer Makes (But You Won’t!)


Buying your first home can be extremely exciting and when you’re a first-time home buyer, it all seems pretty simple: find a house you love, buy it, and move in!

How to create a marketing email your clients won’t ignore?


How do you stay out of your customers’ spam inbox and get your customers to click on your e-mails?

Renters are feeling the pinch


The gap between rental costs and household income is widening to unsustainable levels across the country.