The Coming of the Real Estate Tech Revolution


Which side of the argument are you on? Do you believe that the real estate industry can continue in the same old business model and survive in the next decade? Or do you believe it’s time for real estate industries to get with the times?

20 Social Media Posts Guaranteed To Get People Talking


If you want to avoid being one of those agents who just heard about this new platform called ‘Facebook’, and you want to take charge of your social presence, then you need to be proactive.

How “Generation Z” Views Home Ownership

Generation Z

Many within today’s generation of teens, 21 million strong, say they’ll be willing to give up modern luxuries for a more mainstream view of the American dream of homeownership

Why Won’t More Renters Become Homeowners?


Many households, particularly among younger professionals, are choosing to rent longer, despite surging rental costs. What is driving the sluggish transition from renting to home ownership?

Housing recovery? Not likely this year, or the next


Housing activity likely will continue to pull back this year, mostly due to a sluggish job market, but a modest recovery will likely resume in 2015, according to the results of Fannie Mae’s August 2014 National Housing Survey.

5 Tweaks to Organize your Gmail Inbox


We have all been there: inbox hell, a demon dimension that seems to suck us in and keep us there, pouring through endless requests and truly wasting more of our day than should be possible. Well, it’s time to Scooby-up and take back our inboxes.

Will Housing For Older Folks Be The Next Major Crisis?


The lack of affordable, accessible, and well-located homes is failing to meet the needs of an aging population and could be the nation’s next housing crisis, a new report suggests.

Data Security for Real Estate Professionals


Data security and privacy protection laws vary by state, but with concerns over data breaches heating up across the country, the number of penalties like this one is likely to rise.

Take A Look At These Futuristic Building Materials


While it doesn’t look like we’ll get our flying cars too soon, your clients may yet park their normal old cars in driveways attached to homes and buildings of a very different sort.

Redfin goes out on a limb + predicts “unusual” surge in home sales


A slowdown in home price growth and a shift in pricing power from sellers to one that more closely aligns with buyers expectations will “drive an unusual surge in home sales this fall.”