CoreLogic: Almost 950K Homes Regain Equity


Nearly 950,000 homes returned to positive equity in the second quarter, now bringing the total number of residential homes with equity nationwide to more than 44 million, according to CoreLogic’s latest Equity Report.

Freddie Mac: Housing Market Still Bogged Down


The housing market is struggling to maintain momentum as housing prices moderate and mortgage applications fall, Freddie Mac reports in its latest Multi-Indicator Market Index.

Top Tech Services Every Realtor Must Have: Part 1

realtor tech

I am constantly testing and playing with the latest in online, software and hardware, but there is this core group of services that seem to stay on top of my list because they’re simple and easy to use, as well as free or inexpensive.

Chinese Buyers Boost Demand for ‘Feng Shui’ Consultants


Real estate professionals are adding a new term to their vocabulary: “feng shui contingency,” due to the rising number of Chinese buyers in the market.

Using Instagram Videos to Market Your Listings


Millions of avid Instagram users enjoy the 15-second video feature launched recently, and with the growing popularity of services like Keek and Vine, realtors need to look at it as a potential marketing tool.

4 Essential Features Your Real Estate App Has To Have


We’ve previously covered how to build mobile apps for realtors here, but if you really want to succeed you’ll need to think about incorporating these 4 essential features in it.

How Can We Bring Back First-time Buyers Into The Fray?


The Federal Housing Administration’s rise in its mortgage insurance fees in recent years is pricing many “creditworthy Americans out of the market” and causing the number of first-time home buyers to reach new lows, housing analysts argue.

The Coming of the Real Estate Tech Revolution


Which side of the argument are you on? Do you believe that the real estate industry can continue in the same old business model and survive in the next decade? Or do you believe it’s time for real estate industries to get with the times?

20 Social Media Posts Guaranteed To Get People Talking


If you want to avoid being one of those agents who just heard about this new platform called ‘Facebook’, and you want to take charge of your social presence, then you need to be proactive.

How “Generation Z” Views Home Ownership

Generation Z

Many within today’s generation of teens, 21 million strong, say they’ll be willing to give up modern luxuries for a more mainstream view of the American dream of homeownership