Boomerang buyers: 7.3 million ex-homeowners ready to bounce back


The first wave of home owners who had lost their home to foreclosure or short sale during the foreclosure crisis are re-emerging, having made it past that seven-year window often needed to repair their credit ratings Is it Worth the Gamble?


This week saw the launch of a brand new, and some might say quite controversial property portal in the UK, called This new property portal has been founded by a conglomerate of UK real estate agents in an attempt to break the duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla. The agents involved include Savills, Knight Frank, […]

Benutech offers realtors a powerful new way to acquire leads


If you haven’t heard of a real estate tech startup called Benutech, it’s about time you did. This company is doing something truly different, and it’s a brilliant way for a savvy agent or company to generate leads of potential sellers

A Run For Your Money? Realty Trac Reveals Best Ski Towns in 2015

Ski Towns

RealtyTrac analyst and VP Daren Blomquist reports that this time around his research team found 18 towns that matched up on seven criteria for a best ski town for real estate investing.

The Best Tech Tools to make Buying and Selling Homes a Breeze


The modern real estate market is changing and evolving. Technology is now a powerful tool that buyers, sellers and realtors can use to their advantage.

Housing Bouyed by Improving Economy


Recent drops in oil prices and mortgage rates, along with positive tailwinds in the economy, are helping to jump-start the housing market in the new year

The NAR takes the fight to patent trolls to protect realtors


The National Association of Realtors is joining the fight with a vast lobbying group to protect real estate professionals from those threatening small businesses through pricey, time-consuming litigation.

Are You Selling a Property Without Permits?


ARE YOU SELLING YOUR PROPERTY WHERE YOU HAVE: A mortgage helper, a Suite, unauthorized accommodation, renovations without permits, enclosed garage suites, enclosed balconies, opened up loft areas, etc… ALL WITHOUT PERMITS? It’s time to sell and you have a basement suite in your home. It is unauthorized; in other words no permits were obtained to […]

Mortgage groups call on CFPB to remove its “Rate Checker” tool

Rate Checker

Several mortgage groups are calling on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to remove its newly released consumer mortgage education tool, the “Rate Checker”

Are Real Estate Sales Undercounted?


Do real estate sale figures tell the whole story? In some cases a quarter of the market may be missing from widely-published sale reports.