Is The iPhone 6 The Smartphone For You?

IPhone 6 Updated Main Image

Before you decide to step into the fray and get your hands on Apple’s latest gadget, what’s in it for you? Will the iPhone 6 make you a more productive mobile real estate practitioner?

Luxury Homes are an Easier Sell


High-end homes are getting easier to sell, with the luxury market posting some of the largest increases in home sales compared to every other price category, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Moving to the Cloud? You need a Plan


Are you considering moving your data from hard drives and paper files to a service that will store information in a place that is accessible online?

Most Realtors Struggle to Master SEO


There’s sales-lead gold in website search-engine optimization, but most real estate agents have no effective way to mine it.

5 Successful Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents


It’s not hard for your real estate company to do social media, but it is hard for your real estate company to do social media well.

The Best Neighborhoods in Memphis to Raise a Family


When you are looking for the best neighborhoods in the greater Memphis area to live and raise a family, you’re probably looking for low crime rates, good shopping, other nice amenities, and quality schools

Tips to make your Real Estate Videos go Viral


In the case of real estate, a viral video is one that creatively promotes a property, real estate company and/or Realtor by using content that draws attention and encourages viewers to want to share it with others.

Revamping Basic Walls That Matches Every Room’s Taste


We want our homes to be as warm and inviting as possible. But when your family has different interests, a single theme for the house might not suffice and you might need to tweak each room based on their preference. But how can you do that?

The Memphis 13

Memphis 13

The Memphis 13 is a story about school desegregation not told often enough because it lacks the violent opposition and federal troops from the Little Rock, Arkansas story.

3 Tips to Quickly Add Twitter Followers


Are you living in Twitter obscurity, wondering if anyone will ever read your tweets? If you find that you’re tweeting, commenting and sharing to no avail, you’re not alone.