Charlotte A Great Place to Buy a Home


With a population of over 775,000 residents set over 297.7 square miles, Charlotte, North Carolina is the largest city in the state, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. If you’re looking to buy a home, the city is certainly an excellent option

Will Data Security Concerns Eradicate Convenient Commerce

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For those of you who’ve had run-ins with unearned credit reporting problems a blog post at CreditReportProblems bears reading. According to that story a new bill may be passed shortly that leads to more accountability when things go awry, or when data breaches cause harm to the innocent.

Freddie Mac Outlines 4 ‘Positive Indicators’ For a Full Housing Recovery


Economists have pointed to four positive indicators that need to be fulfilled if we’re to say that the housing market has reached a full recovery.

The Best of Memphis a Great Place to Live

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As it should be, Memphis is a pilgrimage for many people from all around the world. They come to visit the birthplace of the blues, soul, and rock-n-roll music. W.C. Handy wrote the first blues music on historic Beale Street. Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash all recorded at Sun Records, […]

HAMP Program Show Homeowner Defaults Increasing

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Since the government introduced its Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) approximately 1.25 million homeowners have had their loans modified, but worryingly since then 27% have gone on to re-default on these loans. These figures have come from a quarterly report to Congress and were compiled by the Office of the Special Inspector General for the […]

Memphis Foreclosures and the Market Going Forward

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According to Corelogic data from earlier this year, the Memphis foreclosure rate is 1.48% of the total homeownership market. At the same time, the national average stood at 2.30%. Although the numbers are small, they show the Memphis foreclosure rate is 35.7% lower than the national average. Why the Memphis Foreclosure Rate is Lower Affordability […]

New Orleans’ Real Estate: Is The Glass Half-full or Half-empty?


Everyone knows that New Orleans faced a unique set of local challenges with the changes brought about from Katrina, and those are still rippling through its real estate market today.

Latest Oklahoma City Market Trends

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Real estate trends for the Oklahoma City area have trended upwards along with the rest of the nation in recent months. RealtyTrac, Inc., a California provider of real estate data, indicates foreclosures proceedings that have been started have dropped significantly, over 33 percent, from April to May 2013.

Atlanta Area Market Trends Report


The housing market in the Atlanta area this past May has over 5,500 properties that are in default, auction, bank owned status, or some state of foreclosure, according to RealtyTrac, Inc., a California-based online data tracking service. The number of homes for sale on RealtyTrac is 4,181, with foreclosures increasing 2 percent in May over last month’s figures. The numbers indicate, however, a steep decline from the same time last year, of 53 percent versus May 2012.

Chicago Area Foreclosure Market Report


Foreclosures in the Chicago area this past May are showing a decrease in momentum, according to RealtyTrac, Inc., a California-based online data tracking service. 7,582 homes had a foreclosure or short sale related filing in May, dropping over 20 percent from the previous month of April and 49.7 percent from 2012 at the same time period.