How Important is Word of Mouth Advertising for Agents?

Mouth screaming help, pump, go, sale, yes, no

According to the National Association of Realtors® 88% of both home sellers and buyers used an agent in 2014. Of the other 12%, 7% bought directly from a builder and 5% bought directly from the seller. The question agents should be asking is how does that 88% decide which agent to go with? The numbers […]

When sellers want too much, it can quickly kill the deal


Some sellers want to take more with them than a favorite light fixture or curtain rod. They may want to move entire rooms to their new home.

Should Real Estate Professionals Buy Sales Leads?

Sales leads

Should you buy leads? Only if you are willing to put in the work required to convert.

Getting Leads through Content Marketing


Content marketing is an ongoing conversation. If you can capture the interest and trust of your readers, you have exponentially increased your opportunity to capture and nurture these conversations into motivated and loyal clients.

How To Create Compelling Content for your Real Estate Blog


The role that your Web site plays in your marketing strategy is to augment, amplify, and automate conversations about real estate. photo credit: cogitosergiosum via photopin cc Many of your online readers will land on your site because you sent them there, either through advertising, flyers, Craigslist, pay-per-click, or just conversations on the street where […]

3 Social Media Missteps To Avoid At All Costs


Social media offers the chance to interact with people, transfer value, and generate leads from platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Still, real estate professionals consistently make mistakes in their overall social media strategy

Facebook Launches New Keyword Tool


Want to find those who are talking about real estate on Facebook? It just got easier. Facebook added a new update to its Graph Search feature this week that allows users to search for keywords contained within posts, photos, articles, and videos that were shared with you.

Most Realtors Struggle to Master SEO


There’s sales-lead gold in website search-engine optimization, but most real estate agents have no effective way to mine it.

5 Successful Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Agents


It’s not hard for your real estate company to do social media, but it is hard for your real estate company to do social media well.

3 Tips to Quickly Add Twitter Followers


Are you living in Twitter obscurity, wondering if anyone will ever read your tweets? If you find that you’re tweeting, commenting and sharing to no avail, you’re not alone.