Renting in Retirement: Millions of Retired People Might Have to Do Just That

There are predictions around that suggest about a third of people who will reach retirement age around the year 2040, will be faced with the prospect of continuing to pay rent, long after they have stopped working.

Hubzu Improves Investor Experience by Adding RentRange Rental Income Estimates

Hubzu, a leading real estate auction marketplace has recently launched a new feature supporting investors seeking to purchase rental properties. Now the Hubzu® Real Estate Marketplace will display low, median and high estimates of potential rental income through its integration with RentRange, who are one of the premier providers of market data and analytics for […]

Standardizing Single Family Rental Terms and Definitions

The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) published a new report a few days ago establishing recommended best practices for defining, calculating, and reporting key financial and operational disclosure metrics for the single-family rental (SFR) industry

Managing and Maintaining Your Rental from a Distance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Distance Landlords

Long-distant landlord. Sounds like a hassle. You’re moving away and you want to rent your old place, but then there’s the rent to collect, repairs to finish, tenants to worry over…maybe it’s just not worth it.

The Rental Market Remains Strong in 2016

Demand for single family rental homes remains strong. So does the amount of rent being collected. According to Morningstar, annual rents are up another six percent. A dependable income that you can’t expect from the stock market. This is according to an analysis of approximately 90,000 rental homes in 100 metropolitan areas. Much of this […]

Renting vs Buying in Memphis

Lifestyle and finances play important roles in making a decision between buying or renting a home to live in. Without a doubt, home ownership has pros and cons. One of the more important cons that first time buyers often overlook is that ownership is much more complicated both in the process of buying a house […]

Living as a Landlord: Tips for Making Your Life Easier

Being a landlord can be fun and rewarding. But, it can also be a real pain. One of the unfortunate aspects of being a landlord is you deal with unruly tenants and unexpected repairs. Here’s how successful landlords have made their own way and what you can do to be successful while reducing stress. Pick […]


MIAMI and NEW YORK, (May 31, 2016) – Elandis, the real estate ownership, development and property management arm of the Libra Group throughout the Americas, has acquired approximately 1,000 units in four separate multi-family communities in Houston, Texas. The combined purchases are valued at $50 million and expand the company’s portfolio of owned and managed […]

Minimum wage workers can’t even afford to rent a 1-bedroom apartment

The rental situation in the U.S. has gotten so bad that for Americans who’re working full-time on the local minimum wage, there isn’t a single state where they can afford to rent a one bedroom apartment.

How To Avoid Mistakes Beginning Investors Make

Investing in rentals can be a great way of growing a fortune by having renters pay for your investment. It can also be an ongoing headache if you don’t take steps to avoid these common mistakes most beginning investors make. Not keeping an eye on the property. A fellow investor once found his rental house […]