10 Best Things To Know About Property Management Companies

When you hire a professional property management company, you save time, money, and lots of hassles

Single and Loving it! How to Find the Perfect Rental Home

Many people enjoy renting homes for the freedom that it offers before permanently settling down.

Self-Management vs Hiring a Property Management Firm

Real estate has for long been perceived as one of the most stable investments not only in the US, but also the rest of the world. Almost everything about it is simple and straightforward. For rentals, it’s all about self management, acquiring a couple of properties and renting them out. The hardest part, unfortunately, is […]

Rents Continue to Spiral Upward – With New Twist

On December 7, 2016, RentRange released current single-family rental data that included a few surprises. While many of the traditional hot rental markets continued to experience rent increases, there was a notable departure from the past several quarters’ trend of Sun Belt strength.

Airbnb rentals do not impact housing affordability, Zillow study claims

Nearly all housing experts surveyed last month in Zillow’s quarterly survey agreed short-term home rentals like those offered on Airbnb and HomeAway do not have a meaningful and large impact on housing affordability

Renting in Retirement: Millions of Retired People Might Have to Do Just That

There are predictions around that suggest about a third of people who will reach retirement age around the year 2040, will be faced with the prospect of continuing to pay rent, long after they have stopped working.

Hubzu Improves Investor Experience by Adding RentRange Rental Income Estimates

Hubzu, a leading real estate auction marketplace has recently launched a new feature supporting investors seeking to purchase rental properties. Now the Hubzu® Real Estate Marketplace will display low, median and high estimates of potential rental income through its integration with RentRange, who are one of the premier providers of market data and analytics for […]

Standardizing Single Family Rental Terms and Definitions

The National Rental Home Council (NRHC) published a new report a few days ago establishing recommended best practices for defining, calculating, and reporting key financial and operational disclosure metrics for the single-family rental (SFR) industry

Managing and Maintaining Your Rental from a Distance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Distance Landlords

Long-distant landlord. Sounds like a hassle. You’re moving away and you want to rent your old place, but then there’s the rent to collect, repairs to finish, tenants to worry over…maybe it’s just not worth it.

The Rental Market Remains Strong in 2016

Demand for single family rental homes remains strong. So does the amount of rent being collected. According to Morningstar, annual rents are up another six percent. A dependable income that you can’t expect from the stock market. This is according to an analysis of approximately 90,000 rental homes in 100 metropolitan areas. Much of this […]