Reasons Why You Should Consider Renting A Shipping Container

Whether you are moving houses and are in need of long-term storage, or you urgently need somewhere to keep your tools and equipment for an ongoing job,

How to Find New Commercial Clients In Business Portals

As a realtor, you’re always looking for new clients. This applies to not only residential clients, but commercial real estate ones as well.

How Walabot Can Assist With DIY Home Projects

Walabot is one of the slickest new gadgets out there right now. It’s essentially a stud finder with expanded smart capabilities. It attaches easily to your Android phone with a supplied magnet

5 Five Reasons Why Buying a New Home Could Be Worse than Buying an Older Home

There’s something very appealing about a brand new home. You get to determine the flooring, paint colors, cabinet style and just about anything else you can imagine

Guide To Real Estate Investing in Vancouver For Beginners and Millennials

BC real estate is projected to experience sustained growth throughout this decade judging by the increasing number of Millennials that are real estate investing in the Vancouver BC market

A Millennial’s Guide to the Best Places for Buying a Home

Investments in the real estate market will continue to foster. This despite rather bleak predictions from industry experts. Writing for Forbes, Samantha Sharf points

Spring Cleaning Time Around The Home

Spring cleaning is an annual American tradition. Besides cleaning the windows to let the spring sunshine in, think about cleaning out unused furniture, appliances, and old clothing to make more space in your home.

First-Time Homebuyers Signs You Should Refinance Your Home

You have a lot to consider before you decide to refinance your mortgage. There may be fees that are associated with the refinancing that can cancel out the savings benefits.

Why is it Important to Have Your Property Appraised?

The strange experience of having your home professionally appraised can be jarring to some people, but it is of incredible importance when you are considering placing your home on the market

Home Buying for Beginners What You Should Expect

Buying a home can be a complicated task if you don’t know where to start.This will help walk you through the basics of home buying so you get a solid understanding of what it takes to complete the purchase process.

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