4 tips to help stop the spread of flu at your listings

What with the New York Times claiming we’re in the midst of the worst flu season in almost a decade, real estate agents would do well to take precautions against the epidemic in their clients homes, particularly when they’re holding open houses.

How does real estate investing benefit from technology

Buying and selling property has already become much more accessible due to technology, and this trend is only going to speed up. While historically, real estate professionals, investors, and landlords have been reluctant to pay for technology, and the data available has been spotty,

Montreal’s Air Duct Cleaning Service Like None Other

For the last two decades, Royal Nettoyage Air Duct Cleaning has been the name to know when it comes to a full range of ventilation cleaning services in the greater Montreal area and nearby environs.

Common Property Investment Pitfalls

Buying into the property market as an investment is not without its risks. Although it can be a very profitable venture, if you are not fully informed and aware of potential pitfalls property investment can soon result in costly mistakes.

5 Home Improvements that are Worth the Investment

To get the most out of your money, it pays to plan for home improvements that will increase the value of your home.

Larry Weltman suggests creativity for GTA realtors in new mortgage environment

Thanks to changes in mortgage rules, realtors in the GTA have to be more creative when it comes to making a sale.Numbers show that home sales in the area have fallen 22 per cent over the last year.Industry experts have been pointing the finger at high

Houzz expands its services for designers by acquiring IvyMark

Home remodeling and design platform Houzz Inc. is acquiring a startup called IvyMark, which offers business management tool and community for interior designers and other home design companies.

Transform Your Business Today with These 5 Proven Tips

For many small businesses, the economy has not been favorable. However, there are many who refuse to give up. These business owners will do anything

Buying a Home in El Paso ? Keep this in mind

If you are looking at the El Paso area of Texas, we are here to help. As with any area of the country, there are things to look for when moving into a new house.

Acreage is Important: Is Your Ranch in Need of a Property Upgrade?

No matter what kind of livestock you choose to raise, the size of your ranch is the final judge when it comes to profitability. That is why many ranchers are moving their operations to larger horse ranches for sale in the area.

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