House Flipping Flourishes

According to, a real estate auction company, house flipping slightly outpaced rentals as the preferred investment strategy over the past year. However, in a sellers’ market, it’s difficult finding investment priced houses whether you are flipping or renting. Direct Mailing as New Strategy Investors are shying away from the MLS as a source of […]

Here’s why Dallas-Fort Worth is so hot right now:

The housing market in Dallas has long been one of the country’s hottest, thanks to the city’s status as one of the best and most affordable places in which to live.

Should Millennials Rent or Buy?

The question as to whether millennials should rent or buy a property right now is one that is constantly being debated but just recently Trulia, one of the major real estate ad companies has been trying to persuade this particular group that it’s time to get on the property ladder. Trulia has analyzed raw data […]

Worried about a housing bubble? Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t be

What with home prices now soaring above what they were in the bubble era, concerns are being raised that history might be about to repeat itself.

Effective Ways to Use a Loan for Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement loans offer the opportunity to work on your house and enjoy a better space. It also adds value to your property when you make changes that improve the overall function or use of the space.

Investing in Probate Properties The Pros & Cons

There are a lot of bargain properties that serious investors are aware of and pursue. These include foreclosures, REO, short sales, divorces, and other distressed properties. An often overlooked source of distressed properties are estate sales and probate properties. When a loved one dies, someone in the family is typically assigned as the executor of […]

5 Mortgage Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a house entails a ton of work. It is a serious commitment that merits a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure that all aspects are precisely what, where, and how they should be.

Blackstone Group is now the “largest owner of real estate in the world”

Global investment and advisory firm The Blackstone Group L.P., has grown by almost four times its original size at the time of its IPO in 2007.

Home sales improve, but first-time buyers still struggle

Next year will be a big one for the residential real estate industry with home sales increasing to 5.5 million units, up from 5.3 million units this year, according to the National Association of Realtor’s Chief Economist Lawrence Yun.

High Yield Real Estate Investments: Are They Right For You?

Are high yield real estate investments right for you to include in an investment portfolio? To answer the question, the prospective investor must consider the type of real estate investment and the possible risks.