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A full time rehab investor needs to manage the four phases of every deal. Becoming a rehab millionaire means having at least 16 deals in work every month and maybe more. Four deals turning a $20,000 profit each month will bring in $960,000 each year. If you’re only turning two houses each year, you’re going […]

Six Up and Coming Real Estate Design Trends


What home-design trends will likely catch on in new construction?

Boomerang Home Buyers Get Assistance

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The rules keep changing but the time has come for many boomerang buyers to get back into home ownership. More than 4.7 million homeowners are estimated to have lost their home to foreclosures or short sales since 2007. Through the “Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances” program, the FHA has relaxed its guidelines for borrowers […]

Housing Recovery Predicted to be Gradual into Next Year


Last month it looked as if Americans’ attitude towards the housing market continued to soften, indicating that the housing market will continue to recover slowly into next year, according to an article in RisMedia. The article looked at the results of Fannie Mae’s National Housing Survey for August, and found that even though the jobs […]

Study: Green Neighborhoods linked to healthier babies


Pregnant women living in “green” neighborhoods are more likely to deliver healthier babies, suggests a new study from researchers at Oregon State University and the University of British Columbia.

Could Millennials Reverse Trend For Larger Homes?


In the past the trend was for developers to build huge luxury homes, often dubbed McMansions, but all that changed with the recession, and the average size of a new single-family home was 2135 ft.². Things began to change it again last year when sizes of single-family homes increased to 2598 ft.² as builders once […]

How “Generation Z” Views Home Ownership

Generation Z

Many within today’s generation of teens, 21 million strong, say they’ll be willing to give up modern luxuries for a more mainstream view of the American dream of homeownership

Why Won’t More Renters Become Homeowners?


Many households, particularly among younger professionals, are choosing to rent longer, despite surging rental costs. What is driving the sluggish transition from renting to home ownership?

Housing recovery? Not likely this year, or the next


Housing activity likely will continue to pull back this year, mostly due to a sluggish job market, but a modest recovery will likely resume in 2015, according to the results of Fannie Mae’s August 2014 National Housing Survey.

Most Popular Cities for Luxury Real Estate in the US


Those who can purchase luxury real estate can have their pick of where they want their new homes. Listed below are the top 5 cities in which the purchase of luxury real estate is on the rise and the market is ripe with great places to buy.