Not selling enough homes? Try these marketing techniques


In 2013 the National Association of Realtors estimated that 4.65 Million previously owned homes were sold in the United States

New walkability index helps determine commercial property value


A new index out this month seeks to measure the walkability of commercial sectors to help better determine value and potential investment opportunities.

U.S. homes are still a bargain on the international market


Properties in the U.S. are still considered a “good buy” relative to prices internationally, researchers note at the National Association of Realtors’ Economists’ Outlook blog.

Formally Distressed Buyers Beginning to Re-enter the Market


Incredibly it’s been nearly a decade since the foreclosure crisis began and now formally distressed homeowners who have seen their credit restored are beginning to re-enter the property market. While this is good news, less-than-perfect credit scores will limit their eligibility to buy according to a new study carried out by the National Association of […]

Canadian House Prices and Sales Increase

Canada. Real Estate Concept.

The latest report from the Canadian Real Estate Association shows that sales in Canada rose by 4.1% from February to March. The average sales price also increased but these figures are skewed by growth in Toronto and Vancouver. According to the report in Propertywire, the national average sale price increased by 9.4% year on year […]

Memphis Commercial Real Estate Moving Forward

memphis signpost illustration design

Memphis commercial real estate continues showing signs of prosperity. Especially with the rebirth of the Downtown area. One strong indicator is the recent sale of the Raymond James Tower at 50 North Front Street. Noteworthy is the purchase is being made by a New York based group of private investors under the new landlord entity […]

Small earthquakes in Dallas-Fort Worth area linked to fracking


Clusters of small earthquakes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are likely caused by nearby natural-gas drilling, suggests a new study

Seattle’s tiny ‘Up’ house goes up for auction


A 600-square-foot Seattle home, overshadowed by towering retail buildings all around it, known as the ‘Up’ house, awaits its fate after Monday’s auction.

Crowdfunding – What Investors Need to Learn

Crowd funding Investors

This is a follow up to an article about the growth of Crowdfunding first published April 17. While still evolving, crowdfunding is almost certain to change the way many investors approach the real estate and other investment markets of the future. Here is what the 2015 PENSCO CROWDFUNDING REPORT says about the evolution of Crowdfunding: […]

Retirees weigh up renovation vs relocation


A recent report revealed that as people edge towards retirement age, the more they value the emotional connection to their home rather than the financial value.