Housing set to pick up pace in 2015, realtors believe


Home sales likely will remain subdued early on in the year before picking up in the second quarter and then maintaining a brisk pace for the rest of the year, predicts a new Reuters poll of economists.

Memphis Flying High with Allegiant Air

passenger jet aircraft arrriving at an airport

Memphis is a major metropolitan center of the southeast. As so, there are always newsworthy developments occurring. Recent developments involve Memphis as the transportation hub of the southeast. One is taking place at Memphis international Airport and the other out on the Blues Highway (U.S. 61). Allegiant Air Offering Deep Discount Travel Airfare Long known […]

Floor Plan Magic: 4 Critical Design Tips for Your New Home


If you’re ready to build a custom home, then you may know that the floor plan options are limitless, and choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

Winter misery takes its toll on real estate


The harsh winter weather throughout the country is shuttering open houses, delaying closings, and keeping some home buyers out of the market.

Tips to Your Success Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Skyline Calgary Canada

Most people start their real estate career investing in residential properties. Eventually, they look to commercial investing because it is much more profitable. Before you jump into commercial real estate there is very different information you need and a different approach compared to residential investing. Six Tips to Get You Started in Commercial Real Estate […]

Residential Rents in the US up by 3.3%


According to a recent article in Propertywire, median residential rental rates in the US continued to grow in January, even in areas which had previously been struggling. The article is based on Zillow’s latest real estate report and shows the rental index in Kansas City increased by 8.5% year-on-year which is more than twice the […]

Multifamily construction boom set to last until 2016


Strong demand in the multifamily sector is evident as new construction projects try to keep pace with a growing number of renters.

Selling Investment Property with a Wrap Mortgage

Mortgage Rates

When it comes to wrap around mortgages, most real estate investors will tell you it’s a great creative financing tool. And of course, it is. What most experienced real estate investors forget to share with you is that it makes just as good of tool when it comes time to sell your investment property as […]

Which city will be the next Silicon Valley?


With record-high prices in Silicon Valley, opportunities to profit from real estate are slim. There are, however, emerging Tech hubs with characteristics similar to Silicon Valley before its real estate boom

ListHub dumps Trulia after it’s acquired by Zillow


Following the finalization this week of Zillow’s acquisition of Trulia, ListHub announced that it will no longer send thousands of listings to Trulia effective next Thursday.