Finding Out What’s Really Important in a Home

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Buying a home can take a few short months or even years to complete, particularly when it is your first home. An article in points out that your criteria will probably change along the way, but it does pay to think about what’s important to you in a property before you really start searching. […]

Senior Housing Continues to Evolve

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Baby boomers are doing it one more time – changing the landscape of society. As the 77 million boomers move into retirement, it’s no longer your grandfathers’ retirement community. Today’s seniors are more diversified and more active. They continue to be active both physically and mentally. Beyond Bingo Senior communities are being forced to move […]

Housing Inventory Distorted by ‘Pocket Listings’


While the number of homes for sale nationwide is showing signs of inching up, inventories still remain constrained in many housing markets across the country.

Investing in Brownfield Properties


Commercial real estate investors should consider investing in brownfield properties – previously developed commercial real estate that is currently not in use or severely underused.

Home Sales Rise for Fourth Consecutive Month

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A recent RE/MAX National Housing Report shows home sales in June were higher than sales for the previous month. This is the fourth consecutive month of increases. According to the article in RISMedia, closed transactions for June were 4.5% higher than for the previous month, but were 1.95% lower than transactions for June last year. […]

Security is the Biggest Must-Have for Smart Homes


When it comes to smart homes, consumers are more interested in their security features than the gadgets that control the homes’ appliances.

Negotiating Real Estate Contracts To Your Advantage

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Everything in a real estate contract can be negotiated with the exception of what is required by state law. It’s not always a good idea to go with the standard purchase agreement when you’re looking for the best deals. However, when you draw up your own purchase agreement, it’s always good to have it reviewed […]

How Long Will The Housing Recovery Take?

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The housing recovery began approximately 3 years ago, but many local markets have still to regain values lost during the recent recession. The question most people want to know is how long will it take for home values to achieve their pre-recession levels. Unfortunately this process could take years, especially while the housing recovery is […]

Missing Mortgage Payments Could Cost You Dear


People can miss a mortgage payment for a variety of different reasons, and circumstances do change. Job losses or relocation can all put pressure on household finances and homeowners may end up owing more than their properties value. Figures from the Mortgage Bankers Association show approximately 6% of mortgage loans were at least one payment […]

Don’t Blame The Millenials For Slowing Down Real Estate


It’s not news that Millennials are delaying home ownership — but they aren’t the group lagging behind the most in the real estate market.