The Purpose of Commercial Real Estate is to Service Society

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When you consider the future of commercial real estate, what is your number one consideration? It should be the direction that society is going in. From manufacturing to warehousing to retail to apartment buildings, commercial real estate is all about servicing society. Manufacturers that don’t keep up with technology won’t be able to produce customized […]

Investing in Brownfield Properties


Commercial real estate investors should consider investing in brownfield properties – previously developed commercial real estate that is currently not in use or severely underused.

Why Memphis Can Draw Major Companies

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Memphis is a magnet for people as well as commercial businesses of all types. Small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike. The result is a hot real estate market that major U.S. investors and international investors have been active in for years. But there is still room for smaller investors looking looking to get into […]

Making Institutional Buyers Work for You

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As the commercial real estate sector moves forward in its economic recovery, you can be sure hedge funds, insurance companies, retirement funds, and other institutional bullies will be buying commercial properties in bulk. This will be mostly in downtown core sections of bigger cities. However, they are expanding outside the top 12 markets to the […]

Top 10 Hot Medical Real Estate Markets


Medical commercial real estate is having the perfect storm. Baby boomers are entering their later years when more medical services are needed and Obamacare is moving into full force.

Four Ways Commercial Real Estate Will Evolve Over Next 25 Years


By 2039, commercial real estate is expected to be thriving. But over the next 25 years, it will be greatly influenced by changes in demographics, technology, globalization, and economic and environmental realities.

Commercial Real Estate According to Warren Buffet

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Certainly, we can all learn a little something from one of the all time great investors. In his annual letter, Warren Buffet looks back at two commercial real estate investments he made. One in 1986 and the other in 1993. Neither is significant in his nearly $60 billion wealth but he believes both accurately reflect […]

Commercial Mezzanine Loan Basics

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Commercial mezzanine loans are more complex but offer a higher return than first mortgages. Most mezzanine loans are a form of a hybrid loan. While they are subordinate to a first mortgage, mezzanine loans are superior to the property owner’s equity. Often the hybrid definition involves the loan being secured by more than the value […]

Are You Compliant with ADA Law?

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ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act that was originally passed by congress in 1990 and took effect in 1991. It requires small business and commercial property owners to make their businesses accessible to the disabled. I am not an expert in this area so this article is only intended to make you aware of […]

Warehouses Are Red Hot In Commercial Real Estate


Could warehouses become the next big thing in commercial real estate? It’s too early to say now, but such properties are becoming increasingly sought after, as more retailers eye up the lucrative world of online shopping.