Enodo Score Predictive Analytics Platform for Commercial Real Estate, Launches Beta Testers


Morningstar Highlights Pending Increase in Commercial Refinancing


Commercial real estate platform VTS raises $55M

Asset management and leasing platform VTS today announced it has closed a $55 million funding round, marking the largest venture funding round in the history of commercial real estate technology.

Commercial Real Estate Loans Explained


Net Lease Bank Properties Underperform Market

Cap rates for the single tenant bank ground lease sector increased significantly to 4.75% in the first quarter of 2016 after reaching a previous historic low of 4.35% one year ago.

VTS Extends Market Intelligence Leadership with CompStak Partnership


4 Keys to Appraising a Commercial Property

If you want to sell your property, buy a property, lease a property or appeal property taxes, you will need to perform an appraisal of that commercial property.

Stiles Takes Major Steps in Executive Leadership Succession Plan


Condo developers seize on vacant churches

Condo developers are increasingly beginning to transform churches into condominiums.

Spider launches new hotel concept aimed at millenials in Miami Beach

All-in-one real estate investment firm Spider is kicking off its first project in the hotel sector.