How Walabot Can Assist With DIY Home Projects

Walabot is one of the slickest new gadgets out there right now. It’s essentially a stud finder with expanded smart capabilities. It attaches easily to your Android phone with a supplied magnet

Rental Upgrades to Attract and Maintain Long-term tenants

As a landlord, maximizing occupancy rates and rental income often means investing in periodic upgrades to your property. With the right upgrades to your property, you’re not only ensuring low turnover rates but you’ll also be able to attract quality, long-term tenants.

5 Home Improvements that are Worth the Investment

To get the most out of your money, it pays to plan for home improvements that will increase the value of your home.

What To Consider When Buying a House with Foundation Issues

A house’s foundation plays an important role. It keeps the house sturdy and level, and ensures that the house is safe and comfortable to live in.
When purchasing a house, you need to watch out for foundation problems such as:

4 Easy Steps to Help Prevent Water-pipe Damage

The unusually cold temperatures that Memphis is currently experiencing will cause all kinds of chaos, including frozen water pipes. If the pipes burst as a result of the cold, this can be a major nightmare – but something that can be prevented with the proper precautions.

Sell Fast for Top Dollar With These 10 Home Staging Tips

Even when it’s a seller’s market, home staging should be an integral part of the overall strategy for selling a home and setting it apart from the competition to achieve top dollar. When the market is soft, home staging can make the difference between a quick sale

DIY – Declutter Your Living Space and Your Life

Tiny homes and minimalism aren’t the only reasons to declutter your home. There are dozens of methods to getting your living space and life in order. Among the extremes are regaining your space if you

Selling Your House? 3 Easy Renovations for Home Investors to Attract Buyers

When preparing to sell a home, many people will look through other listings to see how their property stacks up to the competition.

4 attention-grabbing property renovations to help sell your home

Southern Living magazine recently rounded up some of the renovations that get sellers the most attention for their properties, including:

DIY – High Tech Door Security

You might have a high tech home security system that warns you, your security company, and the police if a bad guy tries to break into your home. However, your first line of defense should always be putting physical deterrents in place to stop

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