Tips To Find a House to Flip in 2016

House flipping can be an excellent opportunity to invest in the real estate market and turn a profit relatively quickly, but it’s also full of obstacles.

US Real Estate Investors Choosing Out-Of-State Markets


Investors Say US Real Estate Purchases Brings Financial Success

Most real estate investors who have bought property in the United States think this decision has helped bring financial success, with 96% believing this to be true

The Best Talent Money Can’t Buy

How can you attract and retain the top talent for your workforce?

The Current Real Estate Market in a Rural County

Rural real estate investing can be tricky. Rural counties often have a diverse mix of real estate. Some in larger towns, some in smaller towns and villages but much of it out in the country away from municipality’s denser populations.

Net Lease Retail Cap Rates at Historic Low

Cap rates in the third quarter of 2016 for the single tenant net lease retail sector reached a new historic low rate of 6.10%.

Investing in Highly Discounted Abandoned Houses

Now that the foreclosure and bank owned market has mostly run its cycle, investors are again looking for values in the retail market. Possibly the best place to look is at the abandon house market.

MLS TIPS For Real Estate Investors

Almost every real estate investor has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in one fashion or another. Some investors work closely with a couple of real estate agents that feed the investor information from the MLS on a regular basis.

6 Reasons Why Investing Early Is A Good Idea

The earlier in life that you start investing, the more likely it is that you will enjoy your retirement or generally achieve financial security in life.

RealtyShares Raises More than $200 Million through Real Estate Crowdfunding