Survey says Real estate remains top investment choice for Americans

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Real estate is Americans’ preferred investment for money not needed for at least a decade, according to a new survey paid for by personal financial information publisher Bankrate Inc

The Midwest is a hot-spot for real estate investment, experts say


The Midwest region remains ripe for real estate investment, with experts describing the area as a “hot-spot” for investors right now

Rehabbing From the Roof Down The Inherent Cost


Rehabbing can be a very profitable business or it can cost you your shirt. The two most expensive repairs can be a new roof and repairing the foundation, although rewiring an old fuse box can be spendy as well. Here we examine the costs and variables that go into replacing a roof and when it […]

Investors’ Favor Real Estate As Preferred Investment


Investor’s and homeowners again favor real estate as a preferred investment. A recent survey shows that 27 percent of Americans now favor real estate as their investment of choice. The second investment choice was cash at 23 percent, followed by stocks and bonds at 22 percent. The balance was “other”. It’s the first time […]

Join The Crowd Crowdfunding for Investors

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Options for investors to fund real estate investments continues growing. Crowdfunding is becoming one of the most popular. Some investors have gone with real estate investment trusts (REITs). And while you can select REITs that specialize in particular types of real estate, there are fund managers that decide on specific properties to invest in. When […]

Memphis Real Estate Investing Facts

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Memphis remains a hidden treasure when it comes to investing in real estate – both commercial and residential. Memphis is well known as the main distribution center not only for the southeast but as a world caliber distribution and transportation hub. This is due to the city’s unique geographical location that includes the second largest […]

Tax Lien Investing Can Be Highly Profitable but Risky

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Tax lien investing is a popular method of investing in real estate but it should not be taken lightly. Although potential returns are huge, there can be significant risks. Approximately $425 billion in state and local real estate property taxes are owed across the U.S. each year. Of that, a significant amount goes delinquent. In […]

Real Estate – Location, Location, Location

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What does the real estate related term Location, Location, Location mean? It can mean several things but mostly it means that an identical house at three different locations will have three different values. What Affects Location Values A few of the elements that vary with location and result in higher prices are: Highest rated school […]

Keys to Advertising Your Rental Property

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Many landlords aren’t very creative when it comes to advertising rentals. When you have a vacancy, it doesn’t need to cost you much to find a new tenant. But if you want to fill that vacancy quickly, you should be using multiple advertising methods. For Rent signs. This is the first step you should take. […]

Great Advice for New Real Estate Investors

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Advice for New Investors Whether young or old, the investment minded are intrigued with interest rates remaining low and a high demand in the rental market. However, now is a time for caution. Institutional investors are slowing down the pace they are buying at and even transitioning into selling off rentals. And while the percentage […]