Rental Management of Memphis Real Estate

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Memphis real estate investing offers tremendous opportunities for those wanting to be in the rental market. Memphis, like most major cities, has a very diverse population. Some parts of Memphis have a very small rental market (upscale areas) while others you are better off avoiding because of high crime rates and high unemployment rates. Still, […]

Getting Your Expert Story Out

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a flipper or a landlord, maximizing your profits is what it’s all about. You can be the best expert at what you do but if the people you want to deal with don’t know it, it does you no good. Think about how marketing works in general. There are those […]

Next Real Estate Recession in the Making?

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Are we at the beginning of the next real estate induced recession? Ginnie Mae thinks we possibly are. Ginnie Mae is a fully owned government corporation controlled by HUD. Ginnie Mae is currently seeking permission to increase staffing for better oversight of the burgeoning nonbank mortgage market. Bank Mortgage Volume Continues Declining What may surprise […]

Ethical Wholesaling

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What’s a fair profit when you put a house under contract and flip it to an investor that will either rehab it or sell it to an end buyer? When you put a property under a purchase option for $500 with a purchase price of $65,000 and a retail value of $100,000 after rehab, is […]

Real Estate Investment Business Plan Examples

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Real estate investing is serious business and where serious wealth is created. Creating that wealth is not magic. It takes planning. Specifically a solid business plan. I’ve previously written about finding private investors for your real estate business. Private investors are out there but you need to demonstrate to them that you have a solid […]

Crowdfunding – What Investors Need to Learn

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This is a follow up to an article about the growth of Crowdfunding first published April 17. While still evolving, crowdfunding is almost certain to change the way many investors approach the real estate and other investment markets of the future. Here is what the 2015 PENSCO CROWDFUNDING REPORT says about the evolution of Crowdfunding: […]

Crowdfunding is Growing

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Most investors are somewhat familiar with a new way of investing through crowdfunding. It’s also referred to as “peer-to-peer investing.” To some degree, these emerging investment opportunities are displacing banks as investors gather online to pool their money to fund an untold number of potentially highly profitable investment opportunities that used to be relegated to […]

Real Estate Investing This Spring and Summer

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Real estate investing – the time to strike it rich is now. The stars are aligned for you to make great real estate investments. Although times to buy and flip houses were better in 2011 and 2012 for investors, end-buyers lacked confidence. Yes, prices are up now but more importantly, buyer confidence is also up. […]

Timing the Market is Next to Impossible

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Some investors and retail buyers try timing the real estate market. That’s pretty much impossible although there a few things to be aware of. With hindsight, you now know that prices have been increasing for the past three years. What you can’t know is when there might be a sudden increase in prices. What you […]

Easy Turn Key Real Estate Investing


Are turn key rentals the right real estate investment for you? Turn key rentals have been rehabbed and have a qualified renter in place paying rent the day you take ownership. These also typically have a property management company in place to take care of the day-to-day operations and keep renters in the house. Turn […]