Millionaires Stay With Real Estate for Investing

You might not have known exactly when the stock market was going to head south but the fact that it would was fully predictable. And the wealthy saw it coming. With fixed income investments (saving accounts, CDs, etc.) continuing at near historic lows and the equities (stocks) sliding downward once again, those with money to […]

Memphis – The Place to Flip Houses

In several posts, I’ve mentioned Memphis as the best metropolitan area to invest in turnkey rentals (it’s still accurate). However, going from turnkey rentals to REO flips presents a great opportunity for those that prefer flipping houses instead of being landlords. Several reasons make Memphis attractive for flipping houses. RealtyTrac states the Memphis median sales […]

Real Estate Investors A Sample Rehab Timeline

The goal with every rehab is to complete it as quickly as possible while keeping it on budget and not compromising quality. Each project is different depending on the scope and magnitude of the project but with each project, you need a timeline for the order of completing each aspect of the rehab. Careful planning […]

Get Connected with Real Estate Partnerships

As an investor, there are many ways to partner with others to maximize profits. The key elements of any real estate investment are the seller, the buyer, the property, the source of funds, and if you are flipping, the end buyer. As the buyer (investor), your role is pulling all of these resources together into […]

Memphis House Flipping Guys

If you are looking for lucrative real estate investment opportunities, one place you must look is in the Memphis market. One of the best investment models you want to explore has been developed and is active with a couple of guys known as The House Guys. Johnpaul Moses and James Alston hunt down tremendous discount […]

Real Estate Analysis Software for Busy Investors

In this high technology world, there is powerful spreadsheet software that dramatically increases the speed at which real estate investors are able to analyze investment opportunities. Of course, investors able to perform faster and more in-depth analysis are able to find the best investment opportunities. I’m not going to make a recommendation for particular software. […]

Using REITs to Invest in Real Estate

Very few people have the capital to own retail property outright but it is possible for ordinary investors to benefit from investing in this type of real estate through a real estate investment trust (REIT) that works in a similar way to a mutual fund. These days there are REITs for every type of property […]

Rehab “WOW” Factor

One of the most important aspects of rehabbing and flipping houses is offering the best house in the neighborhood. You buy an older, run down property at a deep discount, and bring it up to modern high standards to turn a huge profit. Creating the Wow Factor Beyond completely renovating the home with modern amenities […]

Have a Clear Goal for Your Real Estate Investment Business

Your secret to real estate investing success is having a well thought out business plan. For many investors, it’s about creating a passive and massive income stream. It’s about taking control of your financial future. You may not become fully independently wealthy but you can have a secure retirement with multiple checks coming in every […]

House Flipping Flourishes

According to, a real estate auction company, house flipping slightly outpaced rentals as the preferred investment strategy over the past year. However, in a sellers’ market, it’s difficult finding investment priced houses whether you are flipping or renting. Direct Mailing as New Strategy Investors are shying away from the MLS as a source of […]