Existing Home Sales Expected to Continue Rebounding This Year

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According to an article in RisMedia, existing home sales are anticipated to finish strongly at the end of the year, reaching their highest pace since 2006. However there are concerns about rising mortgage rates and rising price growth which could slow down sales. Apparently existing home sales are higher than a year earlier and figures […]

The New Assisted Living Facility Business Model

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Most astute real estate investors are aware of the outstanding opportunity that assisted living facilities offer for decades to come as 79 million baby boomers continue retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. The frustration is that building or purchasing a fully developed facility can easily cost more than $20 million. Sure, you can […]

Millennials Saving to Become Home Owners


According to a report conducted by the Urban Land Institute, 70% of millennials who do not yet own their home fully expect to become home owners by 2020. Most anticipate using money they have saved as a down payment. The survey was carried out across 1270 people falling into the age category of 19 to […]

5 Immediate Signs an Agent is Right For You


When choosing a real estate agent love might not be on your mind. But, can there be a love at first sight esque moment when you meet an agent?

How to Get Multiple Offers on Your House


As we all know, real estate is all about location. The location of your property has a big effect on how many offers you receive and if you receive any offers at all. If you invested in a house on a busy intersection, next to a freeway on ramp, or on a four lane main […]

Real Estate in the Spring Warms

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As the flowers bloom and temperatures become milder, so does the real estate market and most experts expect it to be an active one this spring, summer, and fall. Nation-wide, housing prices rose 5.7 percent in January, year over year. Some say that is a sustainable rate of appreciation. However, the Department of Labor’s Consumer […]

Top 10 Income Tax Deductions for Primary Residences

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Tax deductions for homeowners remain largely unchanged for the 2014 tax year. However, Congress does make changes from year to year, so make sure you are aware of the current tax laws. Disclaimer: This is only general information about tax law. If you have questions or unusual circumstances, you need to seek out the advice […]

Foreclosure Activity in the US Hits Lowest Level Since 2006


A recent report from RealtyTrac® shows foreclosure filings, which includes default notices, bank repossessions and scheduled auctions were reported on 101,938 properties in the US in February. The article in RisMedia points out this figure has declined by 4% since January and is 9% lower than a year earlier. These latest figures show foreclosure activity […]

Memphis Mortgages The Good, Bad, and Ugly Part 1

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Mortgages in Memphis are not a simple subject. There are many more options than most people consider. Should you take out a mortgage requiring the lowest down payment or keep savings to pay a higher down payment to gain the advantage of a lower interest rate? If you already have a mortgage, is it smarter […]

Spring Cleaning A Home Tradition

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Spring cleaning is more or less an annual American tradition. Besides cleaning the windows to let the spring sunshine in, think about cleaning out unused furniture, appliances, and old clothing to make more space in your home. Another Person’s Treasure As people say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Why not turn that old […]