4 Signs You’re Ready to Purchase a Home

A starter home can be just as stressful as it is exciting. There is a lot to go over and commit to. Meeting the criteria of these five things is a great way to know if someone is ready to buy their first home.

3 Home Buying Trends Emerging this Spring

We’re already well into spring, so what trends have emerged so far that buyers, sellers and real estate pros need to be aware of?

Babcock Ranch, Florida, to become world’s first solar-powered town

A real estate development firm from Florida is hoping to create the world’s first town that runs completely on solar power. Kitson & Partners said the development will, once completed, become the world’s first solar-powered town.

Time Crunch: Five Tips for Selling Your House Quickly

To sell your house fast, it is best to use shortcuts that your competition may overlook.

How Homeowners Can Maximize Return on Equity

When buying a home, you want to earn a return on your investment regardless of whether it is your main residence, a planned flip or a rental property.

RealtyTrac: Home price gains could stall key real estate markets

Sellers sold their homes for an average 17% gain in the last month, which amounts to $30,500 more than the purchase price, underlining many expert’s thoughts that now is well and truly a seller’s market.

3 Powerful Reasons to Consider Investing in Solar Energy for your New Home

Investing in a new home means starting fresh. One of the best fresh ideas is low energy costs. In some parts of the world, the sun shines 360 days per year, and, in other parts, at least 50 percent of that time. What are we waiting for?

What Effects Do HVAC and Plumbing Issues Have on Your Home Value?

A prospective homebuyer reviews the property, and after taking a tour of the place, they decide to submit an offer. It’s only a matter of time before the property inspection occurs

Keep Your Home California receives $383.3 Million In Funding to Help Homeowners

Keep Your Home California will receive an additional $383.3 million in funding from the federal government, allowing the mortgage-assistance program to help prevent foreclosure for more homeowners struggling with financial hardships.The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced the additional funding Wednesday, the second phase of additional funding approved for the Hardest Hit Fund program during […]

iHomeRegistry App Simplifies Home Decorating and Furnishing

iHomeRegistry is a recently launched web application that simplifies the home decorating and home furnishing process for homeowners. Its online application provides new and current homeowners, as well as future homeowners with fully customized capabilities in furnishing and decorating their home. Using this application, people are able to create a personal registry of desired home […]