Five Common Home Mishaps And How to Avoid Them


No matter where a person lives, the potential danger for home disasters will be a major concern for any responsible homeowner.

Study: Poor credit leads to higher home insurance rates

Creative real estate security, home protection and insurance business concept: residential house cottage floating in blue sea water ocean in red umbrella parasol

Unfortunately for those with a poor credit history, securing a mortgage isn’t the only problem they face when trying to get onto the property ladder.

Five tricks for upping the value of an older home


Before placing your home up for sale you may want to make some simple repairs and changes. Not only can this help it sell faster, but can also increase the value, giving you more money.

Top 10 hottest US real estate zip codes

Melrose Public Library, MA

The real estate landscape changes in time and, according to the recently launched by “Top 10 ZIP Codes in America”, the hottest place(s) might surprise you. It’s Melrose, the one in Massachusetts (02176), not the one in Hollywood. Photo by John Phelan on Wikipedia Now, I say this might surprise you, not that it […]

Is Your Residential Lease Ironclad?

Residential Lease Agreement

If you’ve been a residential landlord for much time at all, you probably know your lease inside out. But often, it’s not what’s in the lease that later causes you headaches, it’s what you didn’t put in the lease that causes problems. In most every state, the tenant/landlord laws are strict. Before you start making […]

1.5M boomerang buyers set to return in next 5 years


Over the next five years, the housing market will see around 1.5 million eligible return buyers jump back into home ownership.

Selling Your House This Autumn? 3 Tips for Success


Are you thinking about selling your house but are hesitant to put it on the market since the peak selling season has already ended? Well, don’t despair.

Home Sales Volume Numbers Are Up For Memphis

Memphis Home

The numbers vary slightly depending on whose report you read but overall the residential real estate market in Memphis continues increasing in sales volume. The National Association of Realtors (NRA) reports this spring’s national sales season has been the strongest since the economic melt down. All major regions across the country have seen increased sales […]

Three ways to add value to your property


A great investment in the property market doesn’t always have to be costly.

Home Foreclosure Inventory continues its Downward Spiral for Q2


As of June 2015, the national foreclosure inventory totaled approximately 472,000. This represents 1.2% of all homes with a mortgage – as compared to the 664,000 homes (1.7%) of June 2014. Market analysts and real estate gurus remark that the Q2 foreclosure rate is the lowest ever, since December 2007. According to the National Foreclosure […]