eXp Realty International Launches Reward Plan for Brokers + Agents


Brokerage eXp Realty International Corp. announced that it is allowing its agents and brokers to become significant shareholders in the company.

Attack on Realtor Highlights Dangers of the Job


A man was arrested after allegedly attacking a real estate agent who was showing him a home in Lincoln County, Tenn., on March 22.

Realtors: Are you on Facebook?

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Ways to engage and gain customers with N-Play products and services As a realtor, are you on Facebook? Do you have many likes and shares? If not perhaps you should look into N-Play and their exciting agent-centric services and applications available through Facebook. One of N-Play’s Facebook apps has already seen 250,000 agents across the […]

The Ups and Downs of Being a Real Estate Agent

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When I first entered the real estate field, I was fresh out of college and found a job working for a top agent in the Austin area.  I did all of the grunt work and running around that he didn’t want to do.  I entered listings, fielded office calls, took photos, and filed paperwork.  There […]

A Realtor and the Internet

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Have you ever stopped to think about the power of the internet and how it affects your daily life and your business as a realtor? Allow me to throw just a few mind blowing statistics your way about the internet. Did you know that there are 2.4 billion internet users worldwide? In face every second […]

Realtor Standards and Service

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As a realtor have you ever stopped to consider the standards and service that you deliver to your client? Would a client use you again? Or for that matter would a client refer you to his or her friends? While you might think so, let me point out that a report by the National Association […]

Listing Trick-or-Treating

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Trick-or-treat, give me some candy or give me a listing! When preparing and going on a listing appointment you should begin with the 5 P’s: 1) Prequalify the seller. Screen the seller to ensure that they are serious before the appointment. 2) Prepare the seller. Consider providing a prelisting package before the listing appointment. 3) […]

A Real Estate Agents Key To A Great Retirement

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Because most real estate agents are self-employed, deciding on a retirement plan is often more complex than it would be if you worked for a company. You have to take the initiative, determine the best way to ensure your long-term financial stability and make the most of the assets you have today. As you look […]

Realtors: How to Farm for Leads

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If you are a realtor then you may be familiar with the term ‘farming’ but not everyone is acquainted with what farming really means if its not used in the context of growing vegetables and other types of commodities. Farming in real estate simply means that an agent has a specific community in which they […]

Agent Advocacy or Agent Self-Service?

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Where is the line drawn between an agent being an advocate for a seller and being an advocate for themselves? How about the line between an agent being unwilling to accept factual data and an agent being unable to comprehend factual data?