How Age and Gender Affect Interest in Smart Home Technology


Property apps are revolutionizing real estate

Nowadays, however, the advent of the Internet has changed the property landscape and now house sales and rentals are largely driven by just a few big property apps; for example, here in the U.S.A, there’s Zillow and Trulia.

Open Listings aims to do away with real estate agents

There’s a new startup in town that’s aiming to take the pressure of the home buying process by letting people cut out the middleman – or in other words, the real estate agent.

Real estate tech & tools to win new customers

This week I’ll share some of the new technology, websites and applications as well as some of the ways US agents are now using social media to communicate with clients.

3 hi-tech solutions to real estate problems


How to give your website a turbo boost in 6 simple steps

It used to be that the “calling card” we left behind in any social situation was exactly that: a piece of paper. Most of the time, this generic card was stuffed in some pocket, never to be looked at again.

Maponics takes real estate search to the next level

Watch for a slew of online real estate search sites to add yet another layer of precision as Maponics rolls out data products that make it possible to look for homes in distinct communities

4 pieces of wearable tech for ‘smart’ real estate agents

Today we’re showing the latest in wearable tech for real estate agents, because why should you have to dig in your purse or pocket for what you need?

Will wearable tech fit into the business world?

There’s been a lot of buzz about wearables such as Google Glass, Apple’s iWatch and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but no one knows how these devices will affect the enterprise.

Real Estate Tech Updates

The housing world was famously slow to embrace technology when that thing that used to be called the World Wide Web appeared, but it finally got the message. It seems to be on an app-a-day binge, but some tech is showing up in other ways in the housing world.