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Brazil Introduces Tax Exemption for Real Estate Foreign Investments

Brazil has exempted foreign investors from paying a financial transaction tax if they purchase real estate investment trusts traded on the country’s stock exchange. This measure announced on Thursday was taken in hopes that foreign investments would be encouraged and later support Brazil’s economic recovery. Does Their Bit for America’s Homeless just presented their latest contributions to ease the pain of the homeless in America. According to the news, People Serving People in Minneapolis, Vogel Alcove in Dallas, and The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless all benefited from Apartments’ second annual initiative.

Fannie Mae Report: Housing Market Transitions to a New ‘Normal’

Most real estate watchers are in agreement that markets are getting better, but whether or not we can say that means things are returning to ‘normal’ remains to be seen. We’re seeing a recovery of sorts, but a closer look at the stats reveals numerous anomalies in the state of the real estate market’s health that would seem to suggest that we’re far from a return to ‘normal’ conditions.

UK Rental Costs Outpace Gross Income

The UK has seen quite a steep difference of pace between the rate of growth of rental costs for private property tenants , up 60% over the last 10 years, as compared to gross income which has only gone up by 31% over the same decade.

100 Real Estate Pages and Accounts to “Like” on Facebook

As we all know – and studies emphasize it – Facebook is THE social network, number one in 127 countries in the world. So it is natural for the next post in our series on great real estate professionals to watch online to focus on Facebook. You’ll find listed below mostly pages of companies and […]

A How-To Guide On Using Pinterest For Real Estate SEO

Although the thought of closely managing yet another social media account may sound gut-wrenching, anything that can possibly drive more business and attract more home buyers is certainly worth the extra effort. So just how can Pinterest benefit your real estate website’s SEO?

FRED Chart: Mortgage Delinquency Rates Up Again, Fundamentals Favor Investors

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the housing market. I’ve seen numerous articles in the media on how well the housing market is picking up. Many “experts” are predicting that 2013 will be the year that a housing recovery finally picks up steam. But The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank has some interesting housing data of their own.

National Leadership Summit Hosted by CREW Memphis

This year’s Commercial Real Estate Women Network National Winter Leadership Summit and Council Meeting is due to take place at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. The idea is to help women in the industry network, to help the local chapter build its brand within the local area market, and to enable attendees to learn more about Memphis.

Hippie Hollow Homes Blazes Trail in Austin: Others Should Follow

Out of a dozen or so cities in the state that are surpassing all expectations, none are doing better than the city of Austin, which according to one real estate professional, is positively flourishing right now. Publishes Updated Information on Foundation Failure, on of the top online resources for information on concrete, has published an updated version on their foundation repair information section, adding fresh tips on repairing distressed foundations, as well as explaining the causes and signs of foundation failure. The newly published material helps homeowners doing research on foundation repair and commonly used repair methods.

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