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Reasons To Visit Memphis

Memphis is a community where spring and fall go on and on and on. The average temperature in Memphis is 62 degrees and it has more sunny days than Miami, Florida.

Home Security for Peaceful Minds and Green Thumbs

While home security measures are valued according to their effectiveness and affordability, many homeowners and sellers neglect to consider how energy efficient their property might be – which can be damaging to our budgets and our planet.

Real Estate Investment Business Plan Examples

Real estate investing is serious business where serious wealth is created. Creating that wealth is not magic. It takes planning. Specifically a solid business plan.

New Lending Rules Could Prevent Many from Getting a Mortgage

New lending rules have been written by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and they could mean that many people will be unable to get a mortgage. According to the article by AOL Real Estate, the new rules will limit people from taking out a new loan or from refinancing an existing one if it puts their overall household borrowing in excess of 43% of their income.

Why Buy a House in Barrie Ontario?

Are you thinking of investing in real estate within the southern Ontario area? Have you already made plans to buy a house located towards the north-west of Toronto? If you have affirmed to these questions, then you really should consider making your house purchase in Barrie, a city located within the province of Ontario, Canada.

The Residential Real Estate Market Slips

Interest rates are up and new home sales are down. The U.S. Commerce Department revised its June annual estimate of new housing starts from 455,000 to 394,000. An annual pace of 700,000 is considered a healthy market.

US Properties Spending Less Time on the Market

Property in the US is now selling more quickly than at any point during the past three and a half years as the recovery continues to gather pace this summer. This is in spite of dire predictions that the market would slow.

IDX Website Platform Placester Announces New Partnership with EXIT Realty

Cambridge, Mass.-based real estate website platform Placester has joined the elite group of companies that comprise EXIT Realty’s Approved Supplier Program.

Renters and Realtors Warned to Watch out for False Ads

The Better Business Bureau has warned realtors and people looking to rent property to watch out for false adverts on popular websites such as Craigslist when they are looking to sell a home or to rent somewhere.

Landscaping Tips & Tricks

I have had the challenge of moving into a house that was desolate of landscaping and now I have the duty of helping a family member landscape their newly built home. Most of us are landscaping challenged, even if we have a green thumb we may not always have the vision that it takes to […]

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