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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

If you’ve decided to sell your house but don’t have much of a budget for improvements to help lure buyers, there are still a host of things you can do so your home will make a great first impression. A favorable first impression begins with curb appeal. In today’s fast-paced world of web sites, texts, […]

An Eye for Design: The Finishing Touches for a Luxurious Home

Building a luxurious home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Everything matters from the type of materials used on your decking, to the texture of your pavers, the colours of your walls and the durability of all your supplies – all influencing your final product. Thankfully there are skilled designers and architects to combine their […]

Beverly Hills and Manhattan Are Tops for Luxury Home Sales

Luxury home sales seem to be increasing across the country. This is due to an influx of wealthy homebuyers who are incentivized by low interest rates and a housing market that is still recovering. While luxury home sales seem to be up across the board, nowhere have there been more sales than in New York […]

Home Appreciation is in the Future

If you’re still skeptical about the real estate market, you should take note that almost all relevant metrics continue showing improvement. The one troubling metric lately has been rising interest rates. Rates began inching up after the Federal Reserve announced last June that it would begin easing off it’s bond buying program that has kept […]

US Properties Become Increasingly Attractive To Chinese Investors

Chinese investors are increasingly choosing to bid on distressed properties such as hotels and office buildings and other commercial properties. Investors in China have already purchased so-called trophy projects in Manhattan and are busy developing other projects in California, but are now looking towards purchasing properties that have high vacancy rates or which are in […]

Commercial Real Estate Investment Through Real Estate Investment Trusts

Have you ever found yourself driving down the street and looking at different types of income producing properties while thinking to yourself, “I really wish I could own a piece of that shopping center, hospital, or apartment complex!”  For most potential investors who do not possess significant capital or access to a lot of cash, […]

Formation of More Households to Increase Demand for Homes

The housing market throughout the country is beginning to recover, and prices are even on the increase. An important part of the recovery is the demand created through the formation of new households, something that is rising once more. According to the article in RisMedia, figures from the latest US Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy Survey […]

Higher Home Prices May Lead to More Sales

An interesting article in Mortgage News Daily puts forward the idea that more people will buy homes if prices are going up. The article is based on an economic letter produced by two senior economists from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Apparently it’s not so much that higher prices will prompt more buyers […]

Organize Your Garage, no more STUFF!

When I toured homes on the market in search for the perfect home, I always wondered how people could have some much STUFF in their garage. Now that I am a homeowner (complete with a garage) I can sympathize. Because no matter how many weekends I spend cleaning and organizing, more STUFF keeps accumulating and […]

New Mortgage Rules Expected to Increase Investor Confidence

The new mortgage rules are due to take effect on January 10 next year. While there are concerns they may affect lending, a new white paper released by Core Logic has pointed out that they’ll help to build private investors’ confidence in the secondary market. According to the article Inman News, these new rules should […]

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