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Pending Home Sales Hit New Low in October

Last month the number of contracts to buy previously owned homes in the United States hit a 10 month low. However the services sector showed a strong rebound in activity earlier this month so experts are hopeful the economy is reasonably resilient as the year draws to a close. According to the article in, […]

Creative House Flipping For 2014

There are many ways to make a killing in real estate. There are even multiple ways to do it by flipping houses. You can partner with silent investors, you can partner with realtors, or you can wholesale houses to others that rehab them before the flip. However, one of my favorite ways of flipping houses […]

Pointers for Millennials Looking for Mortgages

An interesting article in highlights various pointers that young homebuyers looking for mortgages need to be aware of. Getting a mortgage under normal circumstances can be hard enough, but today’s current conditions where inventory levels are often low and credit conditions are tight can make things even trickier. In addition first-time buyers face additional […]

Home Sales Might Be Falling but Home Prices Are Still on the Increase

Last month sales of existing homes in the US declined for the second consecutive month, but the lack of inventory means year on year price gains are still in the double digits. In October the seasonally adjusted rate of home sales fell to 5.12 million, down from 5.29 million in September which is a fall […]

California Town Where Residents Cannot Smoke in Their Own Home

We are all familiar with bans on smoking in public spaces, something that is welcomed by non-smokers, but one California town has taken things much further, passing a law that makes it illegal for residents to smoke in their own home, if it shares a wall with another property. San Rafael, a town in California […]

Incidental But Important Rehab Cost For Investors

I’ve previously written about how to estimate the rehab of a house. But there are other costs beyond the repairs and upgrades. You need to account for the permits for each phase of the project. You’ll need permits to install a new furnace or electrical panel or roof. These can add up so be sure […]

Social Media and Todays Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents can use social media sites to reconnect with family and friends, acquire new customers, promote your listings for an extremely low cost, generate more leads, and make more money.  In fact, the majority of agents are on one of the top social media sites.  Before you sign up for a social media […]

Realtor Standards and Service

As a realtor have you ever stopped to consider the standards and service that you deliver to your client? Would a client use you again? Or for that matter would a client refer you to his or her friends? While you might think so, let me point out that a report by the National Association […]

Institutional Investors Changing Strategy

It’s not universal but there is a shift occurring in how large all-cash buyers are purchasing foreclosed properties. Nationally, houses completing the foreclosure process in October were down 29% compared to a year ago. The number of houses entering the foreclosure process has steadily decreased for 15 consecutive months. The result is that there have […]

Young Millennials Face Difficulties Buying Homes

They may be smart and well educated, but many young Americans are struggling to buy a home, and this is something that could put a damper on the housing market for many years to come. It’s all too easy to miss a payment on a student loan, but doing so can lead to less than […]

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