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Second Time Homebuyers and The Babyboomers


African-Americans Getting a Rough Deal in Housing

There’s bad news for racial equality when it comes to housing, with a new study showing that African-Americans are being squeezed out of the market far more often than people from other races.

Will New Mortgage Rules Protect Consumers


Demand Returns for Huge Luxury Homes


Fannie Mae Creates Blacklist for ‘Questionable’ Appraisers

Fannie Mae is at last taking action against appraisers deemed to have ‘questionable practices’, and has apparently created a blacklist of those who mortgage lenders and banks should be wary of doing business with.

How to Take Great Digital Photos of Your Homes

Digital photography opens up a whole new way to market homes. You can take a series of digital photos, download them to your computer, and e-mail them to a buyer almost as fast as you can say “one-hour photo processing.” But if your digital photos are poor quality, they turn off prospects and make your job harder.

First Time Home Buyers Facing Competition from Cash Buyers


Choosing a WordPress Theme For Your Real Estate Site

As we discussed last week, there are few better choices than WordPress for any real estate professional that’s looking to establish their online presence. But while WordPress is easy to use and others numerous advantages over other blogging platforms, choosing from one of the numerous specialized real estate themes can be a headache.

Warehouses Are Red Hot In Commercial Real Estate

Could warehouses become the next big thing in commercial real estate? It’s too early to say now, but such properties are becoming increasingly sought after, as more retailers eye up the lucrative world of online shopping.

Luxury Homes Are Where It’s At

Recently there’s been an upsurge in large and expensive homes once again, as more affluent buyers enter the market. Last July saw sales of homes costing above $1 million rise by an astonishing 46.6% from July of the previous year.