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Baby Boomers Have Big Expectations For Retirement Homes

Seventy percent of baby boomers say that the house they live in when they retire will be the best home they’ve ever had, according to a survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. The survey had 1,000 respondents.

Attack on Realtor Highlights Dangers of the Job

A man was arrested after allegedly attacking a real estate agent who was showing him a home in Lincoln County, Tenn., on March 22.

Home Design Tricks to Make Your House Look Bigger

It’s an issue that plenty of homeowners deal with – the need for more square footage in their homes without drastically breaking the bank. There are several reasons why at home can feel like there’s a serious lack of space, but believe it or not, square footage isn’t always necessarily the culprit.

Four Trends That Will Transform Real Estate Tech

This could be your future: You’re driving hands-free, taking your clients around for a day of showings. While you’re behind the wheel, you pull from your pocket a bendable smartphone or tablet and bring up a home’s specs. As you’re approaching a home, the lights in the house automatically turn on.

What Makes A “Great” Real Estate Agent?


Turn Key Real Estate Investing At A Glance


Real Estate in Miami Still Selling Strongly


Investing in Real Estate – With Risk Comes Reward


Home Sales Dropped in February


Four Ways Commercial Real Estate Will Evolve Over Next 25 Years

By 2039, commercial real estate is expected to be thriving. But over the next 25 years, it will be greatly influenced by changes in demographics, technology, globalization, and economic and environmental realities.