Giving Thanks in America – Home Ownership Still A Part of The American Dream

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American celebration, one rooted in tradition and thankfulness for the many blessings we have enjoyed.

Our founding settlers, in addition to sharing a faith in God and the providential creation of this country, understood that owning land is the surest means of success, financial prosperity and economic freedom.

Owning a home

Home ownership: An American dream. © arneke -

History has proven that individuals who own land have a more representative impact in a community than individuals without property. We can be thankful this Thanksgiving Day that the decisions made and sacrifices offered by our founders has brought us to the current system of home ownership that we enjoy today.

The dream of home ownership is so powerful it has been the source of many legislative acts which were designed to make home ownership available to more individuals by lessening many typical lending standards.

Although there is much disagreement among industry insiders about the contribution that such legislation passed in the 1980s and subsequent years had on the recent real estate bubble, one thing is clear – home ownership is an intrinsic part of the “American Dream”.

As this Thanksgiving day comes around, let all of us Americans who have been blessed with owning a home give thanks, and remember our fellow Americans who cannot say the same.

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