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RealtyBizNews is a real estate and business news portal that is focused on the industry as a community. The outlet showcases news, unique insights, and helpful “how to” on all things surrounding the home and office space. Our authors range from tech experts to real estate agents, and onward to home improvement gurus and investment bankers. An eclectic, yet property focused readership is our targeted audience.

Why Write for RealtyBizNews?

Contributors enjoy being featured on the fastest growing real estate blog in the world, plus:

  • Exposure to 100K+ monthly unique visitors made up of industry pros, peers, and heads of families
  • Interaction with an active and vocal digital media and marketing community
  • The Prestige of being featured in Google News
  • The Social promotion of our Twitter, Facebook, and all our followers’ social presence.

What Does the RealtyBiz Audience Expect?

  • Breaking News
  • Useful Advice. Actionable tips, step by step guides
  • Professional Opinions. Your expert insight on and interpretation of today’s news
  • Your Stories. Real anecdotes about clients, work problems, experiments that can serve as teachable moments and case studies
  • Support industry deals and trends – eg. Remodeling tips, landscaping “how to”

Where Do You Fit In?

Our contributors must live up to a standard of quality. To be published on RealtyBiz you must.

  • Be an expert with field experience relevant to the subject of your article
  • Be a great writer with strong English and grammar skills
  • Be someone who can propose a theory and articulate strong arguments for it

While there is no monetary compensation for contributors, for branding reputation and visibility for you and your business, RealtyBizNews is a far more powerful conduit for than even your personal or corporate blog, it is a collective one reaching a vast audience. Please inquire about our more specific writer’s guidelines, or just send in your suggested contributions.

Author Guidelines

We accept two kinds of contributed posts: Free and Sponsored ($100 per post).

  • Article must be newsworthy
  • Article must be of interest to our target audience (primarily real estate pros and investors)
  • Article must be 400-500 word count
  • Article must be all original – no copy pasted or spinned articles will be accepted
  • Article must be real estate or real estate technology related in some aspect
  • Article must include a two-line author’s bio
  • We do not accept incoming feeds
  • Article must be exclusive to Realty Biz News – not syndicated or used elsewhere
  • For free posts, we can only accept one link per article, which must be placed in the two-line author’s bio
  • For sponsored posts we allow up to two links per article, which can be placed anywhere in the main text.
  • We reserve the right to perform edits to meet our  specifications no exceptions
  • Contributors must submit a thumbnail photo accompanied by bio

Posting your content on our site helps you gain increased visibility, increased promotion, and a larger audience than you might be able to reach on your own. We help our bloggers by providing a community that appreciates great content and access to larger promotional channels, such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

Our Content is contributed by professionals like you!

The content on this site is contributed by the members of our community and all of it is moderated. That means that nothing submitted is published until it has been reviewed and approved by our editors.

For consideration as a Realty Biz News contributing writer, please contact us at Once we receive your email our editors will correspond with you for additional information.