Commercial Real Estate Loans Are Weak

Commercial loans have been weak although residential loans have returned to health. However, commercial loans are returning to health. The payoff rate for maturing securitized commercial mortgages improved to 68.0% in June, up from 65.3% in May, marking the second consecutive month the rate was below 70%. That resulted in the year-to-date payoff rate for […]

Commercial Real Estate Loans Explained

Commercial real estate loans are very different from residential loans. They are much more complicated and carry terms and conditions different from residential loans. These are reasons that many investors never venture in the commercial real estate market. Smaller residential real estate investors are typically limited to somewhere between four and ten properties valued in […]

Community Banks Have Doubled Commercial Real Estate Loan Assets since the 90s

The past 20 years have brought a skyrocketing increase in the share of assets community banks allot to commercial real estate loans, as shown by a recent study b the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Commercial real estate loans amounted to about 27% of all assets held by community banks last year, a 7% jump from the 2007 share and almost double the level of the 1990 percentage of 14.5%.

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