Luxury Homes are an Easier Sell

High-end homes are getting easier to sell, with the luxury market posting some of the largest increases in home sales compared to every other price category, according to the National Association of Realtors.

High-End Homes Are In High Demand Across The US

We’re seeing a lot of momentum in the luxury home market of late, with prices on the rise and many areas where the market had struggled rapidly transforming into seller’s markets, says the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

Beverly Hills Buyers Still Have Cash to Splash

Although increasing numbers of high-end homes are becoming foreclosures, Beverly Hills is bucking the trend, with owners asking and often getting millions more than they paid. A prime example is Jennifer Aniston, who sold her 10,000 ft.² home for $36 million, which is a pretty healthy increase on the $13.5 million she paid in 2006. […]

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