Showing Your Home to Buyers? How to Stage It to Look More Elegant

You might love your home and think it looks great, but if you’re trying to sell it, you have to look at it with a more critical eye. Prospective home buyers are going to have high expectations.

Setting to Sell: 4 Home Staging Tips for Realtors

One thing that past couple of decades has shown is the fact that home staging helps sell homes. Even during the real estate downturn of a decade ago, well-staged homes outsold their competition.

Home staging is still an important sales tactic, realtors say

Home staging remains a popular tactic among real estate agents, with 62 percent of realtors saying they believe it helps to decrease the amount of time a property stays on the market

Cheap DIY Home Staging Secrets On a Fixed Budget

Staging will allow prospective buyers to see the full potential of your home. Below are some insightful DIY home staging tips that any DIYer can apply without breaking the bank.

Smart Home Staging and How It Affects Both Sellers and Buyers

Staging a home to sell it is certainly nothing new and sellers are often advised by their real estate agent to carry out some simple upgrades, perhaps repainting a room or two, or renting some nice looking furniture. However these days  home staging is changing and according to an article in the Boston Globe, sellers […]

Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Every home owner hopes they will receive a reasonable offer soon after listing their home, but what should you do if this doesn’t happen? This is the question addressed by an article in Firstly the article reassures sellers that they shouldn’t panic as apparently the average time a home spends on the market in […]

Home Staging Secrets: The Psychology of ‘The Home’

For many, personal identity is intricately tied into the home; pictures depict loved ones held dear, art hung on the walls is a direct extension of personal tastes, even paint selection is a method of self-expression.

Georgia brokerage teams up with roOomy to deliver 3D visualization software

Georgia-based brokerage firm Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers (BHGRE) is teaming up with 3D visualization software provider RoOomy to make its suite of services available to its agents.

Why Neutral Tones Work for Home Staging

We’ve all been told to stick to neutral tones if we want to sell a house, even though it can be pretty boring to look at. But the trend for sticking to taupe with the occasional splash of an accent color isn’t about to change any time soon. Apparently it is all down to science. […]

Does Home Staging Really Influence Potential Buyers?

Yes, according to the National Association of REALTORS® who say that home staging can potentially motivate buyers to pay more for a property and influences their perception of a home. This is based on a survey conducted amongst more than 2,300 real estate agents representing both buyers and sellers. A massive 81% of real estate […]

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