Half of Millennials choose a suburban life

Almost half of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and the majority stay in the same city when they buy a home, revealing their home-buying preferences now that they are the largest generational group in the housing market

Millenials more likely to tap into their home’s equity

Millenial homeowners in the 30-34 year old age bracket are twice as likely to take out a home equity loan as baby boomers, according to a new survey by the Discover Home Equity Loans organization

Consumers don’t know enough about credit scores

Real estate pros need to do more to educate their clients about the importance of their credit scores, after a new survey showed that many have a tendency to significantly underestimate its importance

Millennials Choosing Suburban Homes Not Cities for First Purchases

Over the past few years much has been made of the fact that millennials supposedly prefer living in urban areas and like the excitement and the culture readily available. They also want to be flexible and prefer to rent, but things begin to change as this group gets older and thinks about settling down and […]

Real Estate Trends – Features That Millennial Home Buyers Want in 2016

Although millennials have been slow to take on home ownership, this is now changing at a rapid pace. Rents are going through the roof, and pressure to settle down come from multiple directions.

Self Photographing Smart Mirror Launches on Kickstarter

There’s little doubt that taking selfies has become one of America’s, if not the world’s favorite pastimes. Now a new project is launching on Kickstarter which is the world’s first self-photographing Smart Mirror. Around 1 million selfies are posted online each day, and EIFLE believes it’s time that the quality of self-portraits was improved so […]

2016 housing predictions from Windermere

The development of new single-family homes has been a bit depressed in the last few years, with the lack of interest among millenial buyers being one of the main reasons, according to experts.

San Francisco is too hot for millenials

San Francisco has long been known for its obscenely expensive and incredibly competitive housing scene, and a new report shines the spotlight on just how expensive it is for millennial buyers.

The most affordable cities for millenial home buyers

We’ve already established that millenials have to wait longer than anyone else to save up for a down payment on a home, but there’s good news for younger generations who can’t wait that long to grab the keys to their first home.

Five Markets Where Millennial Home Sales are Surging

The millennial buyer wasn’t lacking for motivation. Speaking with millennial buyers, it becomes clear that the barrier facing them was twofold: job creation and wages.

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