Mobile homes to become more popular as affordable housing woes continue

With the available inventory of homes for sale reaching record lows across much of the U.S., economists are betting on manufactured homes (mobile homes or trailers) as the solution for a market in desperate need of affordable housing.

Mobile Home Investing Isn’t Sexy

A little investment money goes a long way in the mobile home market. It’s not sexy cocktail hour conversation but there is good money to be made in the mobile home market. There are several ways to make money at the low end of the homeowners market. Being able to seller finance mobile homes is […]

Mobile Homes – A Different Poker Table

Telling the well-healed that you invest in mobile homes and trailer parks doesn’t sound sexy at an upscale cocktail party. However, people that used to be big time investors and lawyers on Wall Street are turning to mobile home investing as profits continue to escalate. The attraction is the 20% return on investment that trailer […]

Wildly Successful Real Estate Investors And How They Made It Happen – Part 2

In this series I’m featuring a few hand-picked real estate investors whom I know personally, that started from scratch and built wildly successful real estate investing businesses. These folks are ordinary men and women who began life without the benefit of parents or family who handed them an existing business. They began with nothing, had no special advantages, and have become successful on their own.

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