Cerberus Spends Nearly €1 Billion on German Real Estate

A US investment firm is to spend nearly €1 billion buying up more than 22,000 apartments that are located across Germany. It’s been reported that the deal is worth around €900 million, and the properties are being bought from the bankrupt UK firm, Speymill.

Homeownership At All Time Low, But…

The U.S. Census Bureau has released a new report saying that home ownership has dropped to it’s lowest level since 1965. Given that the U.S. population is more than double what it was in 1965, this is a startling statistic. Another report just released by analysts at Morgan Stanley, pointed out that Census data does […]

Lenders Payout $22 Million for Improper Military Foreclosures

Two of the biggest mortgage lenders in the US will payout a combined $22 million settlement in response to charges that they foreclosed 178 homes of military personnel improperly, it has been revealed.   The news will come as a welcome relief to those families affected, many of whom had been serving in Afghanistan or […]

Social Media Now Acceptable At Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Since it has become the norm to use social media, many companies have instigated strict policies as to how employees use these networks, or have even forbid their use completely. Unsurprisingly some of the most restrictive policies are amongst Wall Street companies where social networks could be used for insider information. Now Morgan Stanley Smith […]

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