Jersey City, N.J. residents ward off real estate pros with ‘No Knock’ policy

Residents of Jersey City, N.J., are complaining of “harassment” by real estate agents who’re constantly making unsolicited inquiries about whether they want to sell their home or not.

How to Insure Your Investment Property

If you’re a landlord, you need to insure more than just the building on your investment property. Insurance comes in many different forms and investment property insurance is no different. Pick the wrong insurance and if your house burns down, the insurance won’t pay enough to rebuild it. In fact, they may pay less than […]

New Law Allows California Landlords to Restrict Smoking

The Smokefree Housing Law (SB 332) went into effect in California on January 1, 2012, giving multifamily property owners and managers the power to prohibit smoking in rental units. Like many of the public smoking bans in the areas across the United States, the Smokefree Housing Law is aimed at curbing secondhand smoke. Although many […]

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