Online home valuations aren’t always accurate!

Homeowners who attempt to find out the value of their home using online algorithms such as Zillow’s Zestimate feature often find that these tools are inaccurate.

6 useful tools to help you build real estate chatbots

Chatbots in real estate are nothing new, but until recently not many real estate professionals have been able to make use of them.

Why commercial real estate brokers need CRM solutions

For every dollar spent on CRM software, businesses can expect an average of $8.71 back—a 771 percent return on investment

Top 6 Free Property Management Software Solutions

Many DIY landlords and property managers don’t even look for a property management solutions, thinking they are extremely pricey and complicated: but both statements are myths.

50 Ways You Can Use Evernote To Manage Your Real Estate Business

Evernote can become one of your most valuable business tools if you develop habits and set up automation to save information, locate it when you need it, and share it selectively with clients or other business contacts.

Five Great Tools For Managing Your Finances

We are more than halfway through 2014. How is business? Are you making more money this year than last? Do you even know?

Six New Tech Tools to Boost your Business

Few industries haven’t been disrupted by the development of innovative apps. Some support the system from the sidelines (think the hospitality industry), while others find a home right in the center, like the numerous apps out there that can make the life of a real estate agent that much easier.

Top Tips for Avoiding Cowboy Builders

If there’s any profession that gets to be the brunt of bad jokes and painful comedy skits, it’s builders. Just like used car salesmen, builders have a (mostly undeserved) bad reputation. When people think of builders, they think of lazy, unreliable rip-off merchants that will charge you a fortune, use dodgy materials, leave your home a mess, and take so long to finish the job that you end up shivering your way through winter with a hole in the roof.

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