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13 Real Estate Blogs You Must Check Out

By Violeta-Loredana Pascal | December 11, 2017

In the dark ages before widespread high-speed internet was a thing, people had to get their knowledge from physical sources. They had to travel, sometimes long distances, to borrow books from the library, to consult with advisors, to attend lectures and conferences, and so on. Nowadays, people are utterly spoiled with information. Every question you have, you can find the answer on the internet.

There is one caveat, however: the internet is thoroughly saturated with information, and not all of that information is dependable. While there are a lot of brilliant minds to be found and picked online, there are also just as many, if not more, quacks and frauds spreading mediocre advice or even misinformation with undue confidence. No industry is safe from bad advice, whether it be health, relationships, or—you guessed it—real estate.

With near limitless sources of information out there, it can be hard to distinguish the phonies from the real thing. Fortunately, help is right here. The professionals at Klamen Real Estate have compiled the list of blogs below, which includes only the best-of-the-best in the real estate industry. They are written by knowledgeable realtors and other professionals who have first-hand experience in the market. It is highly recommended that you check them out so you can brush up on your knowledge and use it to boost your own prospects in real estate.

13 Real Estate Blogs to Watch

1. The BiggerPockets Blog

Chock full of useful information for would-be investors, this blog contains answers to the kinds of questions clients often ask and real estate professionals should be aware of.

2. Redfin Blog

The Redfin Blog gives updates about housing markets all over the nation on the regular, along with expert insights and advice. If insider knowledge is what you’re looking for, then this is the blog you want to check out.

3. Movoto Blog

Movoto takes a fun and whimsical approach to real estate, with articles covering a range of quirky topics from bonsai gardening to the best ZIP codes for married couples. But don’t take their sense of whimsy for a lack of seriousness—this blog is just as insightful and useful to real estate professionals as the best ones out there.

4. ZillowPorchlight

Anyone who’s involved in real estate knows about Zillow. They have an authoritative online presence, providing articles with frank, professional and no-nonsense copy. On top of comprehensive studies and surveys, Porchlight also features key insights from industry leaders.

5. REWired

Featuring both light reads and deep-diving longform articles, Housingwire is already an established industry resource with “opinion, commentary and analysis on everything that makes the U.S. housing economy tick—not to mention the ghosts in the machine, too.”

6. Trulia’s Blog

In their own words, Trulia’s goal is “to make [buying, selling or renting a home] simpler (and fun).” Their blog features articles for home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate insiders, as well as studies on the latest market trends and statistics.

7. Bankrate Blogs covers a slew of financial topics ranging from Banking to Identity Protection to Mortgages to Senior Living—just about everything money-related you can think of. They’re a comprehensive and reliable source of news, commentary, advice and more.

8. LuxuryDefined

If you’re looking into the luxury market, then check this blog out. It exclusively covers topics of luxury living, tracks trends in the luxury property market and features other fun, informative posts on luxury living. The blog congregates their own data and conducts their own studies.

9. The Broker List

Anyone who knows anything about commercial real estate has heard about the BrokerList, which is a great place to make connections with CRE groups and their members. This site features plenty of up-to-the-minute industry updates as well.

10. NAR’s Blogs

This isn’t just a single real estate blog, but a collection of them, all curated by the National Association of REALTORS. You can find blogs on just about any particular topic here, from technology trends and tips to commercial real estate to resort property and more.

11. MSNrealestate

Like NAR’s Blogs, MSNrealestate isn’t a single blog, but rather a blog aggregator. Gathering from authoritative sources such as Zillow, Curbed, MarketWatch, Trulia and more, this site provides a overview of the current state of the real estate industry.

12. GeekEstate

In today’s digital age, the success of any professional endeavor, including real estate, highly depends on their visibility on the internet market. GeekEstate features tips and data on effective technology and marketing-related solutions.

13. Realty Biz News

If you’ll allow this shameless bit of self-promotion, you can find information on a wide variety of real estate topics including tips and tricks of the trade, today’s market and real estate technology here on Realty Biz News.


Violeta-Loredana Pascal is a business coach and mentor at her company - AdvanceNowBiz - with more than 15 years of business experience and a background in public relations, marketing and communication. She is passionate about reading, blogging and traveling – see Travel – Moments in Time and Earth's Attractions. Follow her on Twitter - @TravelMoments and @EarthAttract.
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