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3 Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM

By Al Twitty | February 16, 2017

With such a wide variety of uses, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can mean quite a few different things depending on how the specific real estate agent applies it to their business. Some agents will see it only as a way to assist in client management, while some will consider it as a vital part of their overall lead generation and conversion strategy.

In truth, real estate CRM can do all of these things and much more. These are the top factors that all real estate agents can benefit from adopting a CRM into their business plan.

Compiles Data in One Place
The most successful real estate agents have more than one lead generation stream. You most likely get your lead contact information from your sphere of influence (SOI), social media channels, website, direct mail campaigns, and other various avenues. Keeping up with multiple individual databases for all of these potential leads is clunky, awkward and time-consuming.

With a real estate CRM as part of your day-to-day, you’ll find that all of these various channels are consolidated in one place. This data can be easily connected, organized and accessed by laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Communicate Quickly with Potential Clients
No matter how complicated or time-consuming it is to sell houses, every single house that has ever been sold was sold because communication happened. Sometimes, the difference between selling a house and not selling one is as simple as answering the call. Most real estate CRMs will include a customizable auto-response feature that enables you to provide an immediate response to anyone who might try to reach you.

While auto-responses aren’t exactly the most personal method for responding to clients, it is much better than an inquiry going unnoticed and without response. Maybe opt for an auto-response that acknowledges itself instead of something that seems disingenuous.

“Sorry for the auto-response! I’m currently out with clients and I want you to know that I received your message. My team is working on reaching out to you as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for your patience!”

Simply by responding at all can make the potential client feel invested in you and want to stick around – which is the key to beginning a relationship with a client.

Automated Tasks and Workflow
With a real estate CRM, you can combine the personal touch of your local organization with the simplicity of automation. Need to send “Happy Home Buying Anniversary” messages to your clients? Instead of digging through your various databases of client information and scraping who has an anniversary on that day, every day, you can automate your CRM to do this function and send the messages for you!

Simply compose your email and the CRM will send it to those with the desired anniversary date. You can do these in large batches which means your CRM will do most of the heavy lifting.

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