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4 Things to Remember When Hiring a Realtor

By Brenda Lyttle | December 5, 2012

It’s a tough real estate market out there. You may have a prime property, but without the presence of a sound business sense, you run the risk of making a transaction that doesn’t quite do justice to its true worth.  For this reason, many people choose to hire a realtor in order to execute all the sale related tasks on their behalf.

Given below are five suggestions, which will hopefully make your task a lot easier.

1.Don’t Let Emotions Sway Your Business Decisions - Many times,  people commit the cardinal mistake of hiring a realtor, simply because      he/she relates to them on an emotional ground. It might be that your  nephew has just entered the real estate market and would want you to be      his first customer. Some other times, you might come across particular real estate agents who request you to give them a chance even though they      lack the qualification or essential experience of making great sales in the past.


At these times, try to keep a calm mind and only hire somebody who has a good history of making sales. Always remember that there is no place in business for leniency and your first priority should be your own gains.

  1. Get references, before you hire somebody - So, you have met a  certain realtor who has made a great impression on you. In fact, he is  also the only realtor who agrees with your irrationally high selling price. You can’t wait to hire him and set the ball of sale rolling. Have you, however, got a second opinion? A common mistake that many people make, when they hire a realtor, is that they go by appearances.


The real estate market is very competitive and a realtor would pull out all the stops to get hired by you. Therefore, it is essential for you to do a bit of background research and find out what past clients have to say about a realtor. In fact, you are also legitimate in demanding a profile of most recent sales that a realtor has made. In this way, you can avoid getting duped by your faulty judgment.


  1. Don’t rely on promises of low commissions - Many amateur realtors work with very low commissions. Yet, they lack the skill or expertise for making a great sale for you. On the other hand, a truly outstanding realtor may charge a high fee for his services but the profits that he will generate for you will definitely balance out such high commissions.


  1. Hire your realtors from a reputed company - There are many  prestigious real estate companies operating in miami beach. So, rather hire such companies to make a sale for you. With the assistance of these companies,  you can be sure to get a great deal for your property, including those sunny isles condos that you are hoping to sell at a great price.


The industry is thriving with many real estate agents each of whom claims to be the best at his game. In such a situation, it might be difficult for you to hire the right person to sell your real estate assets, by a high margin of profit. If you follow the above suggestions, however, you will surely end up hiring a great realtor.

Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality.





Brenda Lyttle is an enthusiastic custom home builder. She loves her job as she helps people frame out their dream homes from their imaginary canvas into reality. To check out the listings of Chicago condos and real estate, she recommends that you visit this site.
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