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5 important things every renter should know

By Jamie Richardson | June 9, 2021

According to a rough estimate, every one out of three persons rent a house in America. People who cannot afford the ownership of the home find renting a house to be the most suitable and inexpensive alternate way. There are many benefits that renters render when they get a house on lease including not having to worry about taxes, maintenance and upkeep cost, and much more. However, renters are also found in unsettling situations at times. This happens because they are not aware of their rights and their nasty landlord disturbs them. Below we will discuss a few aspects of renting a house that every tenant must know 

  1. The landlord cannot evict you:

Although a legal agreement is signed between the tenant and the landlord, we often see landlords giving several explanations and asking the tenant to vacate the house violating the agreement flagrantly. It is not easy for the tenant to vacate the house on short notice. 

The simple rule of thumb is, no one has a right to ask the tenant to vacate the house other than the court. The court will ask the landlord to provide the reasons for the eviction of the tenant. If those reasons have already been specified in the lease agreement, the court can evict the tenant otherwise, not

  1. Remaining safe is your right:

The house of every individual in this world should be safe and sound whether he lives in his own house or a rented house. If you think that the house that you have lease is not safe, you should ask the landlord to keep it proper repair and maintenance so that it becomes a safe place for you. The tenant can consult the court if the landlord refuses to provide him the safety. 

It is also the responsibility of the tenant to find a safe house. Many service providers claim to help you in renting a house. You need to see rent-to-own homes: how the process works .

  1.  The tenant should get a rent receipt:

Whenever the landlord receives the payment, he must provide the receipt. This receipt is proof that he has received the payment and cannot claim for it again. If the landlord refuses to give the receipt, the tenant must ask for it. 

  1. The rent is paid on monthly basis:

Usually, the tenant is required to pay the rent once a month. The tenant is under no obligation to pay the rent if the landlord asks him to pay twice in one month. In case this landlord forces him, the tenant should know that it is illegal

  1. The landlord has to bear the maintenance cost:

Maintaining the house and providing necessary repairs is the responsibility of the landlord. If the tenant pays the maintenance cost, he should deduct it from the rent he pays every month or annual rent 

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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