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5 Way to Know You've Found the Right House

By Danny Margagliano | July 29, 2019

It might be the first house that you’re ever going to buy, or you’re buying a new house, simply as an upgrade from your previous house. It could even be a bigger house for your bigger family. The point is, you’re making a very huge and serious financial decision and you want to be sure that you are doing the right thing.

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Purchasing a house is known to be one of the most stressful decisions of a person's life.  Your mind is everywhere; if you move too fast, you stand the risk of wasting your money on a home that is just right for you. What if you jump the gun later to find out the home is in need of immediate exterior painting or some type of remodel that you didn't see? If you stall for too long, and you risk losing your only chance of getting the perfect property you have been dreaming about. What to do?

Any reasonable person wants to be absolutely sure that they are making the right decision. In the next few paragraphs we are going to show you 5 steps to know that you found the right house.

 1. It fits your budget.

Your home should be your comfort zone. You shouldn’t be in your house and allow something to fill you with dread every time; the mortgage payment, especially. Not being able to make your monthly payments can be very distressing.  If the list price of your home that you're looking at doesn't leave you with unsettling butterflies in your stomach, then that’s a good sign. That might just be the right house for you.

2. You get more excited when you enter the house

Many homeowners have claimed that they instantly knew that a particular house was meant to be theirs from the very moment they set foot inside it. You just walked into that new home, how do you feel? Is the home very warm and inviting? Do you begin to imagine where your furniture would be or where the TV would face? Did you start to imagine what color you would paint each room? Then maybe, just maybe, you’ve found the right house.

3. You lose the desire to see other homes

At the beginning of your house hunt, you might realize that there would be plenty of homes that would meet your budget. Despite this, you’ll come to realize that as soon as you find the perfect home, your dream home, new homes that hit the market will not catch your attention anymore. Eventually, once you have found the one, all you can think about is getting your hands on that dream property that already checked off all of her most of the boxes on your list.If the initial thrill of the hunt had vanished, then you probably just found the right home for you.

4. It Meets Your Must-Have Check List

The perfect home for you will be that home that checks off all of the boxes of your want to have and must.  Obviously, no one's list is the same.  Yet, a few things many people look for include: a neighborhood that is close to your workplace, bedrooms for the entire family, a theatre room, an extra bathroom, a large kitchen, or maybe a glass bottom pool in the backyard .

An important thing to keep in mind is that it's nearly impossible to get everything you want when you are on a house-hunt.  But if home does not at least catered to your basic must haves it might not be the right fit for you or your family.

5. Your intuition gives you the final push

In the long run, you have crunched all the numbers you need to, you have double-checked your checklists, but making that decision that the house you have seen is the one for you, will boil down to your own intuition. Is your gut telling you anything? Is your gut telling you “this is the place for you?"  Are you having pleasant dreams about the property or are you having nightmares? Are your emotions in overdrive? Choosing a home is never just about making a monetary transaction. To a large extent, your decision may come from a gut feeling.  You will just feel that this is the house that's going to make you happy.  When it boils down to, that is the most important thing about a home, being happy.

Danny Margagliano has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry.He works for 30a Local Properties in Santa Rosa Beach on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida.He specializes in working with residential investment properties and second homes.Danny also is the owner and founder of the Internet marketing company for real estate agents, Web Tech SEO.He’s a former professional surfer as well as a firefighter paramedic.
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