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6 trends to watch in smart home systems

By Mike Wheatley | November 28, 2016

Thanks to the Internet of Things, the ‘smart home’ has already become a reality. It’s brought with it remote controlled or keyless access to our homes, smart thermostats that save us money, lights that come on when we exit and enter rooms and many more advancements.


Now, as smart home technologies begin to take root, we take a look at six trends that are sure to help our homes become even smarter over the next few years.

Voice activated controls

If anyone can remember the “clap-on” system: “Two claps, light on” and “two claps light off”, they’ll be pleased to know the technology has advanced well beyond that basic premise. These days, our homes are much more sophisticated, you simply plonk yourself down on the sofa and say “living room lights on” and on they go. Companies like Google’s NEST, Lutron and Sonos are all pitching smart home systems that make voice activated controls in your home a reality.


While iPads and smartphones are useful for managing the smart devices in your home, it can be tricky to juggle so many devices and functions all at once. There’s also the danger you could lose your smartphone while you’re out and about. That’s why touch panels are re-emerging as an alternative, with bigger and full color screens. Touchpanels only do one job, but they do it well, providing all the information on your smart home systems in a single place.

Indoor air quality systems

People are quickly catching on to the importance of their indoor air quality, and so sensors that monitor humidity, organic compounds and other pollutants are becoming more common. Using these smart systems it’s possible to regulate the air in your home so it’s clean and healthy all year round.

Hi-tech window treatments

Hi-tech shading solutions can be integrated into your smart home controls, allowing you to lower or increase the amount of shade inside with the click of a button. You can also set the shading to increase or decrease depending on what time of day it is, using solar sensors on the roof to guide the system.

Weatherproof TVs

With outdoor living spaces growing in popularity all the time, there’s a fresh demand for weatherproof televisions that allow you to enjoy the big match from the garden, without needing to squeeze all of your guests inside.

Complete home integration

If you’re gonna get smart, it makes sense to have your HVAC, lights and security systems all in one place. After all, who wants to mess around with multiple remotes and controllers for every little control? This is leading to the rise of complete, seamless systems that integrate all of a home’s smart technologies in one place. Expect to see more one-stop smart home solutions popping up as people opt for such conveniences.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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