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7 Tips To Help You Find the Right Home

By Al Twitty | September 23, 2022

Finding a new home can be both exciting and stressful. Maybe you look forward to the many benefits that may come with life in a new home, but you also worry about finding a new place to live. There is also so much you should be careful about when making such an important financial decision.

A lot goes into finding the right home. You don’t want to rush the process if you have time. There is also a lot you need to consider when looking for a new home. Without adequate planning, you could find yourself in a home that doesn’t work for you and your family.

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What can you do to find the right home? Read on to learn to see some of our top tips!

Consider Your Needs

How can you find the right home if you don’t know what you want or need from a home? You might already know how many bedrooms you need, but there is more to consider. Maybe you want a lot of outdoor space. How big do you want your driveway to be? Do you need a multi-car garage? Maybe you want a specific type of flooring or different features in the kitchen. Write it all down and organize your wants and needs by priority.

 Research Locations

According to BBX Capital Real Estate, developers of quick move-in homes in St Johns County, Florida, location can make one of the biggest differences. People think about schools and crime rates, but there is so much more to consider. What about the types of local amenities near the neighborhood? You might want to consider accessibility. The ability to get to and from the neighborhood and access different parts of the region can make a big difference. 

Get Your Finances in Order

Having your finances in order can be another step toward helping you find and buy the house you want. In the simplest sense, having a handle on your finances will inform decisions like how much you can afford in a down payment or for monthly payments. Beyond that, it can also help when it comes time to make an offer. In many cases, getting preapproved for a mortgage can be the difference between being able to buy the house you want and it going to someone else.

The Home’s Condition

The condition of the property should be a critical factor in your purchasing decision. A few flaws can be okay, but it should inform how much you are willing to pay. Walk every house and have a checklist for inspecting different areas. Look everywhere and make notes concerning any issues you find. Beyond that, you should also hire a professional inspector. A home inspector will have the experience to find and identify issues that the average person wouldn’t even know to look for.

Think of Your Existing Home

Your existing home can do a lot to inform the decisions you make when buying a new house. Think about the features you really love about your current home. Additionally, you should consider the things you don’t like about your current home. The pros and cons of your current neighborhood can also help you know what to look for. Take note of these factors and keep them in mind when looking at new homes.

Plan for the Future

Some homebuyers make the mistake of focusing too much on their current needs and wants. While your current needs are important, a home purchase is a long-term commitment. You need to think about what you might need ten, twenty or even thirty years into the future. If you plan to have a growing family, you might want to buy a little extra room. If you are older, you might want to think about how your home will serve you during retirement.

Try to be Flexible

Having a list of what you want and need is good, but you should also try to be flexible. It isn’t always possible to find a home that ticks every box. In fact, most people have to compromise. A house that covers all your needs and most of your wants is a pretty good find. You should also remember that you can remodel your home. For example, if it doesn’t have the type of floors you want, you might consider the possibility of changing them in the future.

As a final tip, find a good realtor to help you through the process. While you might be able to search for homes online, there is so much more to it than that. Your real estate agent will be able to take all your wants, needs and requirements into account to find homes that fit you and your family. They can also help with negotiating and a range of other concerns that come with finding a new home.

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