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Affordable Prefab Homes in AZ

By John Cunningham | May 15, 2020

The concept of prefabricated housing has been around for a very long time, but it Is currently gaining more popularity among many aspiring homeowners. The construction design of such houses varies just traditional homes, making it easier for homebuyers to find an ideal choice.

For more information on Prefab modular homes check out the article where we gave a detailed view of the industry and how it serves the public.

Also known as modular homes, these houses are real and are therefore considered to be part of real estate, unlike mobile homes. They can be modified, which means that you can have one of them added to your property, whether in a space in the basement or in your backyard.

Where to buy affordable prefab homes

Contrary to popular belief, affordable prefab homes are easily accessible and can be bought from reputable e-commerce stores like amazon. Whether you want a cabin, a modern home, or a tiny house, you will find the perfect prefab home.

You can buy the ideal blueprint of your preferred home on amazon and have access to other useful tools, including the actual kits for building those homes.

The kits come at different prices with the lowest cost of less than $10,000 and the most expensive costing over $100,000. Assembling the kits is very easy as well, but you’ll need assistance.

You might think "kit" means you can build a house while chillin. Close, but not quite. Because of the connections where corners, plumbing, and electricity come together it's sensible to have more than one pair of eyes watching the job.

Kits are cool because a lot of the work is done before you start. Still there is, indeed, work to be done. One day we will be able to set a box down, push a button, and watch a house construct itself. We aren't quite there yet, but we are one heck of a lot closer to that today than we were just a few years ago.

Why prefab homes are cheap

The demand for housing is continuing to rise, with most people needing low-cost homes. This, together with technological advancements, drives construction companies to find ways to provide homes that are durable, functional, and cheap without going at a loss.

For instance, building traditional homes comes with a lot of inconveniences, such as working under unfavorable conditions like rain, but prefab homes can be made in a different location under controlled factors, including temperature.

This, together with the smaller sizes and the timely construction of these homes, ensures that the production cost is kept low, the production rate is kept optimal, and the construction companies don’t incur any losses.

Even though they are made at the manufacturing site, affordable prefab homes still function the way site-built homes do. They have amazing designs that are perfected by computer-guided tools, and they come with functional plumbing and lighting features.

The systems are usually built into the housing panels before the panels are moved to the required site. To add aesthetic appeal, the panels are also painted or stained at the factory, which means that you can choose the colors you love just like you would with site-built homes.

Benefits of affordable prefab homes

Other than the cheap purchase prices, affordable prefab homes also offer a lot of convenience in that they can be removed and the land they sit on sold.

If you are still unsure where you want to settle down, this is a good option for you. You can place your prefab home at a site then move it to a different location when you want to sell that land.

You will still enjoy all the benefits traditional homes have but with the added advantage of being free to move whenever you want.

Prefab + Green = True Love

Many of the prefab home builders are on board with the green movement. It just makes sense. Heck, if you look at what is happening with big national builders you already realize that those guys know that people want efficient homes. So, the people who are building prefab homes that are super energy efficient are getting it right.

Prefab homes are eco-friendly housing options. You will not just spend less money on purchasing one. Opting to build such a home also offers you more control, unlike site-built homes.

You will not have to worry about factors you can’t control affecting the construction process, thereby leading to higher construction costs. You will be sure that amount will remain the same no matter the weather conditions or other unprecedented factors.

Not having to deal with construction delays also mean that you don’t have to worry about changing your homeownership plans. Building affordable prefab homes is easy and is often done on schedule. Remodeling options are also readily available when you need them.

Affordable prefab home responsibilities

Being affordable doesn’t mean that these homes don’t come with responsibilities. You will still have to get insurance cover, and you will also be responsible for choosing where you live.

You should, therefore, make sure that the site is secure and is surrounded by all the amenities you would like. You should also choose the best orientation for the landscape to allow you to get the most out of the natural layout of the surrounding landscape.

You will also be responsible for your utility bills and obtain a housing permit from your local administrators.

Alternatives to prefab Modular Housing

Todays young adult sees what people are doing with their lives in real time. If a young couple decides to live on a sailboat and sail the Caribbean then everyone knows about it as soon as that big sail catches air. Instagram, Facebook, and twitter give us all a chance to live vicariously through these exciting risk-takers.

Many of the people opting out of the life behind a cubical desk don't think they are the ones taking the risk. Instead, they view their journey as adventurous and fulfilling. Why wait until we are old and tired to do our traveling they say. Why put our dreams on hold.

Some of the options people have for alternative dwellings are listed below

  • Earthships: structures made of used tires, salvaged materials, and earth. Many can be built for less than $20,000; even half that. These homes are self-sustaining, generate their own power, and use cisterns to hold the water that is harvested from the rainwater that funnels down from their roof.

    Many earthships are able to grow food in the window side f the house. Frankly, I don't know why these excellent structures are not more popular today.
  • Cabins: the log cabin is back Jack! And why not? Because of the main inherent materials (logs) most of these are constructed in places where there are plenty of trees to use. The process is extremely physical, and gratifying to undertake. Some are self-sustaining, have water capturing systems, and solar panels to generate power.
  • Cob Homes: These are made of mud and straw. Similar to adobe, but not made of bricks. The walls are thick (about 2 feet thick). The air inside stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are very organic in shape and appealing to the eye.
John Cunningham is a full-time Greater Phoenix agent since 2002. As a trusted advisor he brings excellence via online digital marketing that make your property get the attention it deserves. Often times John will bring the buyer too. Everything he does as a real estate agent is designed to get his clients what they want. Our goal for you to have a 5-star experience every time you buy or sell.
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