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Apartments.com integrates with Rently to enable self-guided tours

Rental listings platform Apartments.com has announced a partnership with Rently that will see it integrate self-guided tours with its listings.

Rently is a self-touring and smart home proptech startup. Thanks to the integration with Apartments.com’s listings, users will be able to tour rental listings directly at a time that’s convenient to them.

“We believe the process of finding a new apartment should be made easy for renters and efficient for real estate operators,” said Rently CEO Merrick Lackner. “With our patented self-guided touring technology, Rently streamlines rental property viewing, increases overall property touring traffic by 25%, and reduces time on market by 75%.”

The integration came as Apartments.com released data that shows a 63% increase in renters who prefer self-guided virtual tours of properties. This, it said, is due to the growing preference for viewings outside of regular business hours, as well as a desire for on-demand services.

“Renters increasingly want to tour properties independently, without a manager or agent present,” Lackner said about the results of the study.

Rently enables self-guided tours with smart home technology. Properties are fitted with smart locks that can be opened remotely using an access code. So, prospective renters can register for a self-guided tour online, choose the time they want to view the property, then receive an access code for that specific time and date. Once they arrive at the property, they’ll be able to unlock the door using their smartphone.

The benefits of such a system are obvious, enabling more viewings by giving prospective tenants the chance to come and look at a time that suits them.

“We are creating new property viewing options for renters and accelerating leasing cycles for managers,” Lackner continued. “Once renters move in, the same smart home technology they used for touring will be there for them to enjoy as residents.”

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