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5 Great iPhone Apps for Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent can be a rewarding job, especially if you work solely as a buyer's agent. However, the job can get hectic from time to time and you may feel disorganized. You may also feel that you don't have enough information handy to help your clients make the best decision possible. Thankfully, there are ways you can fix these issues. All it takes it downloading a few inexpensive apps to your IPhone. Here are just five of the best apps for real estate agents.

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Sketches - $1.99

A picture isn't always worth a thousand words. In fact, there are times when a picture may leave the person even more confused. With Sketches, you can take a photo and then draw on it to convey information to your clients. For example, you might use arrows to point out certain features or write down the distance between two properties. Either way, this is a great app to have.

Around Me - Free

Being able to give your clients instant information is essential. With this app you can quickly tell clients about the restaurants, banks, grocery stores and other shops in the area. This can make it much easier for a client to make a decision.

Evernote - Free

Think of this as your go-to app. This app makes it easy to keep notes using text, pictures and recordings. Imagine being able to flow through a gallery of pictures with your client and being able to tell them everything about the property by looking at the keywords you wrote on the picture.

Walk Score - Free

People in big cities want to be able to walk to everything. This app will give you the ability to tell customers exactly how far the nearest restaurants, grocery stores and other buildings are from the home. Best of all, the built-in GPS means you'll never have to type the address in to get results.

Real Estate by Smarter Agent - Free

One of the biggest factors in making a contract is knowing what comparables are selling for or what sellers are currently asking. Being able to access this information immediately is priceless. You'll never believe how fast the contract can be drawn up once you download this app.

There are a number of apps that make the life of a real estate agent much easier. Whether it's an app that tells you how much a comparable property is or how far the nearest restaurant is, these are all apps that will come in handy.

About the Author: Willene McGlawn loves incorporating business and technology. She enjoys using many of these apps and also recommends accessing sites like Tenant Hunter from your mobile phone as well. Buyers, sellers, and agents all stand to benefit from technological advances.

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