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How to Find Cheap Housing Near Arizona State University

By Guest Author | March 2, 2012

It can be expensive to live near a university. Arizona State University is no exception. Wherever there is a large concentration of students, there will be places that are expensive to rent. However, if you dig below the surface, you can find places that are affordable. Best of all, you won't have to rent from a slum lord in order to afford the place. Here are a few tips for how to find cheap housing near Arizona State University.

Find Housing

Housing hunt (Argus -

Seek Out Students Looking for a Roommate

Chances are there are other students that don't have the money for the expensive apartments located close to the campus. However, two or three students going in together can be a great way to afford an apartment. You may find fellow students on the campus forum or even in chatrooms. Obviously, you should make sure to meet these people in a public place to learn more about them. Of course, if you have friends attending the university, these would be your best roommate options.

Check the Surrounding Areas

There are a number of towns outside of the main city that will offer much more affordable prices. These areas may not be within walking distance, but chances are there will be public transportation or you may be able to carpool with other students. The best part is these areas are still close enough to get to class on time, but can be a lot safer and quieter than apartments close to the campus.

Trade Work for Housing

Another option that many students don't think of is to trade work for housing. Some motels are willing to rent a room to students in exchange for working in the hotel. It might be doing dishes in the restaurant or even cleaning the other hotel rooms. This is a great option for students that have their other expenses covered and don't need another job to make ends meet.

Look Over the Bulletin Boards

Last, but not least, visit the student information center and look over the billboards. Chances are there are several listings for apartments and houses that are up for rent. Don't be afraid to contact landlords that are asking a bit over your budget. You can always offer to do work around the property in exchange for the rest of the rent costs.

You don't have to spend an outrageous amount for housing. There are a number of cheap housing options around universities. Just remember to think outside the box.

About the Author: Blair Shinsel was an Arizona State student who knows how tough it can be to find cheap ASU apartments or rental homes. Start your search early - at least a semester in advance - to ensure you have a comfortable and safe place to live.

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