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Armando Montelongo launches review page

SAN ANTONIO, TX (February 20, 2017) - Armando Montelongo, a top real estate professional TV personality, and house flipping educator, has announced the release of a new review and testimonial page on ArmandoMontelongo.com. The page, which can be viewed at Armando Montelongo offers first-hand insights into working with the real estate mogul and participating in his seminars.

“Our seminars and courses are only successful if people leave satisfied,” Montelongo said. “We take all student feedback to heart and aim to make improvements based on these valuable insights. We’ve made a concerted effort to address any negative feedback we’ve received over the last year and have made strides in making subsequent improvements to all our programs. As a result of this effort, we’ve seen positive feedback increase exponentially. This page highlights that message from our students. It also demonstrates our dedication to constant growth and improvement. Ultimately, student satisfaction is our top priority.”

The page currently features 12 testimonials from people who have been trained under Armando Montelongo’s system and have applied those techniques to house flipping. Each testimonial includes the total profit the person or persons made from their use of Montelongo’s teachings. The team behind the website say they plan to update the page as more people come forward with testimonials about their positive - and lucrative - experiences.

“It’s rewarding to see that people are implementing my system and turning a profit as a result,” said Montelongo. “It’s even more rewarding to hear that people find the education they received valuable - in some cases, more valuable than college. Connecting with and helping people is the reason I do what I do. When I can help others succeed and achieve what they set out to do, it makes all the difference.”

About Armando Montelongo

Armando Montelongo  is a real estate mogul, TV personality mentor, philanthropist, and speaker. As the CEO of the Armando Montelongo Companies, he specializes in real estate investing and teaching his students how to strategically invest in residential real estate. Through these courses, he helps students positively transform their lives. Find out more at http://armandomontelongo.com/

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