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Industry Technology

What You Need to Know About Digital Security In Real Estate

By Catherine Tims | October 26, 2023
Once a market that existed solely in the physical world, real estate now finds itself heavily dependent upon the internet.  Property listings, transactions, and even house tours often occur completely online, facilitated by new platforms and tools.  This shift has dramatically transformed the market, but it also calls for added caution.  There’s always a risk […]
Artificial Intelligence

AI Is Here to Stay as Real Estate Industry Shows Increased Signs of Adoption

By Catherine Tims | October 23, 2023
Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the real estate industry, becoming increasingly accepted by both professionals and consumers. AI-powered tools and platforms are automating tasks, streamlining processes, and providing insights that were previously unavailable. Now, there’s more evidence than ever that AI technology is here to stay in the real estate industry. A Ubiquitous Tool AI […]

What is the Significance of Rent Roll in Real Estate

By Catherine Tims | October 13, 2023
A rent roll is a crucial document in real estate, especially for income-producing properties. It provides detailed information about the rental income that a property generates. The significance of a rent roll in real estate includes: 1. Financial Analysis: 2. Loan Applications: 3. Tenant Management: 4. Investment Decisions: 5. Property Management: 6. Legal Compliance: 7. […]
Home Buying

What is the greatest challenge of a real estate agent?

By Catherine Tims | October 11, 2023
The challenges faced by real estate agents can vary based on the market conditions, location, and specific niche they operate in. However, some common challenges that many agents encounter include: Why home buyers buy personality of real estate agents When people refer to homebuyers as "buying the personality of real estate agents," they are emphasizing […]
Market Watch, News

Median Home Prices in Massachusetts Soar, but Flood Risks Also Increase

By Catherine Tims | September 1, 2023
Median home prices in Massachusetts are way up, but so is the risk of property damage from flooding. With flood risk only increasing in the future thanks to climate change, and with many homeowners not being prepared for the increase by keeping up with flood insurance requirements, what does this mean for homeowners? Sometimes Higher […]

Investor Home Purchases Drop 45% in Q2 2023

By Catherine Tims | August 30, 2023
Real estate investors are buying 45% fewer homes in the second quarter of 2023 than they were in the same period last year, according to a new report from Redfin. In fact, the report found that investors purchased 19% of all homes sold in the second quarter, down from 32% in the same period last […]

Dallas-Fort Worth Housing Market Shows Signs of Cooling, but No Bubble Burst

By Catherine Tims | August 30, 2023
The Dallas-Fort Worth housing market is showing signs of cooling, but there is no indication that the market's "housing bubble" has burst. So what’s behind this remarkable resilience, and what does the future hold for the DFW real estate market? The DFW Housing Market By the Numbers Dallas-Fort Worth has remained one of the “healthiest” […]
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