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    Artificial Intelligence

    How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence the Real Estate Market?

    By Zach Parker | September 20, 2022
    The real estate market is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation because of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The adoption rate for this technology has been steadily growing since its introduction. Here are ways in which artificial intelligence will influence the real estate market: Home Buyers Real estate agents can use AI to give […]
    Digital Age

    How To Use Google Question Hub To Build Your Content Strategy

    By Zach Parker | September 15, 2022
    One of the things real estate agents struggle with in digital marketing is coming up with ideas for content.  Most know that content is a cornerstone of a strong digital marketing strategy, but are lost when it comes to coming up with fresh content.   What if I told you that there’s a tool that will […]
    real estate audience
    Real Estate Marketing

    How to Keep Your Real Estate Blog Audience Engaged

    By Zach Parker | September 14, 2022
    Are you struggling to keep your real estate blog audience engaged? If so, you’re not alone. In today’s digital age, there is so much content out there competing for people’s attention. This is especially true in the real estate market. The good news is that there are some things you can do to improve your […]
    real estate tech
    Real Estate Technology

    The Evolution of Real Estate Technology

    By Zach Parker | September 14, 2022
    Many are aware that the real estate industry boomed in 2021. While there are many reasons as to why that is, technology in real estate certainly played a major part.  Real estate technology has come a long way in a short time. It wasn't long ago that real estate professionals used fax machines and landlines to […]
    Real Estate Software Apps

    How Quixy Works Best for Real Estate Agencies

    By Zach Parker | September 13, 2022
    Buying or selling a home is a huge life decision. It's not something that people do every day, so when they enter the market, they want to work with an experienced professional. That's where real estate agents come in. Real estate agents are the experts who help people buy and sell properties. But being a real […]
    real estate digital marketing
    Real Estate Marketing

    The Crucial Importance of Digital Marketing and Branding for Real Estate Agents

    By Zach Parker | September 12, 2022
    Anyone who works in the real estate sector knows that without a good marketing funnel, you’re not going to be successful. Real estate agents of all types rely upon their ability to build client relationships, as poor client-building means not enough clients to sustain your business. Thus, marketing yourself, your professional services, and your overall […]
    Industry Technology

    Matterport Pro3 Ups the Ante on Virtual Walkthroughs

    By Zach Parker | September 9, 2022
    The value of being able to view properties online has always been high. Real estate professionals know that property listings with attractive pictures invariably get lots of attention, after all. Even better is when an online listing offers the ability for house hunters to enjoy a “virtual walkthrough” of the property using newer technologies, as […]
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