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Best Home Buying Advice for May

By Tammy Emineth | May 27, 2019

Planning on buying a home this summer? Start with some great advice! Whether it's previous buyers, buyer's agents, or investors, trust those that have gone before to get some good ideas before buying.

10 Simple Ways to Make Home Buying More Affordable - Getting your finances together, looking at homes then pulling the trigger all seems like huge steps, and they are! But you can make it easier and more affordable with these 10 simple steps.

How to Say Goodbye to Renting and Hello to Buying - There are still great properties on the market and homebuyers should not be fearful of rising interest rates. Remember, these are still the most historically low rates we’ve seen in decades, making it easier for homebuyers to afford a larger home. If you’ve been struggling in the rental market, tired of limitations and dealing with landlords and you’re ready to finally step into the dream of homeownership, now is a great time to say goodbye to renting and hello to homeownership.

5 Red Flags That a Real Estate Deal is Too Good to Be True - We all want to feel good about a purchase whether it’s a dining room table, a car, or a house, but what are those red flags that might pop up indicating that this might not be as good of a deal as it sounds? I’m all about going with your gut when purchasing real estate so if you come across some interesting red flags, they may be assigned this is not the best deal for you. Here are those top red flags to know whether a deal is too good to be true.

Why Being Pre-Approved for a Home Loan Can Help You Seal the Deal - Remember that a pre-approval when getting a home loan makes you a quality home buyer. Most home buyers think that all they need is a pre-qualification (PQ) letter.  Not so.  PQ letters you can find online and fill them out yourself.  Most lenders freely hand out a PQ without doing a diligent check.  A pre-approval confirms that the lender did check your ability to buy and is willing to lend you the money, a strong statement when there are other offers.

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Condo - The basic real estate process of buying a condominium and buying a single-family house is relatively the same, but of course, the property is different. You won’t have to deal with a lot of maintenance, but you will have homeowner associations and you’ll have to deal with other condo owners in the building. Buying a condominium allows you to ease into homeownership without having all the responsibilities of a single-family house. Condominiums make great first time home buyer purchases because you’re only responsible for the inside of the condominium and they make great retiree options, as well as your maintenance, now gets cut in half. But, regardless of why you are buying a condominium, here are six major questions to ask before finalizing the documents.

5 Things to Know Before Making an Offer on a New Home - Buying a brand-new home is exciting and a little overwhelming because you want to do it right and not have any regrets down the line. If you're considering buying a new home check out these five things to know before making that offer.

Facts You Need to Know About Your Credit When Buying - The way credit companies score a potential borrower seems to change year-by-year and the three big guys, ExperianTransUnion, and Equifax are technically all the same company with various scoring methods. If you research online, you’ll find hundreds of different websites talking about how credit scoring works and what you’ll need to get a mortgage. While there are several reliable sources of information, there are also myths out there and unreliable details that could frustrate you and disappoint. So what are those mortgage credit scoring myths that are so prevalent?

5 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector - Having a home inspection is a crucial part of the home buying process. We never recommend waiving the home inspection because this is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make and it’s vital to know as much about it as possible. But, while there are many things to know during the home inspection, there are a few questions to ask your home inspector before you even get started. Make sure you understand all of these factors that come into play when purchasing a condominium or home.

Tammy Emineth is a writer, blogger, and real estate marketing expert for over 15 years. As a former real estate agent, Tammy possesses the knowledge and expertise to produce content and relevant information about the real estate market and how to market real estate websites and brokerages.
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