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Where is the Best Place to Live? It Depends on Who You Are

By Guest Author | December 28, 2011

Every realtor dreams of their city becoming the "best" of anything. Making that "top" list in a national magazine or newspaper boosts sales from outsiders, but it also provides an excellent selling point for buyers within the area who have real estate needs. So, where is the "best" place to live in the United States? Well, it depends on who's asking.

Louisville Colorado

Outside Louisville Colorado - Courtesy Let Ideas Compete

The Best Places to Live

For small town lovers, Money Magazine rates these five cities as the best places to live:

1. Louisville, CO
2. Milton, MA
3. Solon, OH
4. Leesburg, VA
5. Papillon, NE

Overall, the top five cities to live in according to cost of living, education, job opportunities and other factors are:

1. Charlottesville, VA
2. Santa Fe, NM
3. San Luis Obispo, CA
4. Santa Barbara, CA
5. Honolulu, HI

If you are looking for the best places to retire, things get really interesting. For military retirees, the top five cities are:

1. Oklahoma City, OK
2. Norfolk, VA
3. Richmond, VA
4. Austin, TX
5. San Antonio, TX

Harkins Theater along the Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal

Harkins Theater along the Oklahoma City Bricktown Canal - Courtesy tomfs

But the lists are different if you are looking for the sunniest places to retire, the best retirement places for wine lovers, best mountain views for retirees, best places to retire on a budget, best places for single retirees, best places to launch a second career or the best historical retirement places to live.

The best place to live is wherever makes the person happy. For most people, this is the city or town where they work or where their family lives. While being the "top" place is nice for sales, steering real estate shoppers toward places that make them happy and comfortable is a win-win situation for any real estate agent.
What selling points does your area have? Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale have the advantage of being in one of the most pricey and sought-after markets in the country. While deals exist in the Rancho Santa Fe area, affordability is less a selling point than the amenities this location offers buyers. Security, privacy, a rural landscape and convenience to San Diego and the beaches are the keys to selling these properties.

What's the best selling point of your area? A good indicator is who is buying the property. Some areas provide distinct advantages to singles, young families, empty nesters, retirees, people on fixed incomes or those who want great entertainment and dining opportunities. When you discover the selling points of your area, whatever they may be, you've hit on the crucial factor for turning over properties there.

When you identify the key selling points of your location, you can honestly say your real estate is in the "best" location for buyers looking for these things, no matter what the latest magazine polls may say. Every place is the best place for somebody.

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